Facilities Overview

Art Studio/Book Binding Room

The new art studio is fully equipped and is located in the basement of Entryway A., and is fully stocked with art supplies and book binding equipment.

The Sillidome (Basketball Court)

A half-court basketball court is located in the basement of Byers Hall. Your room key opens the Sillidome door. Students are welcome to play during open hours.  Wear sneakers!

The SilliCafe (Buttery)

Reported to be one of the best on campus, the SilliCafe is the student-operated late-night eatery and home to a large-screen television, assorted games, and all the fried food you could ever want. The SilliCafe is located in the basement of Byers Hall and is open from 10PM-1AM Sunday-Thursday. Contact the managers if you’re interested in staffing a shift.




Our courtyard, with its grass, old beech trees, swing, chess table, hammocks, and picnic tables is one of the glories of the college, enjoyed by all. Impromptu games of frisbee, football, stickball, volleyball and even cricket have been known to take place here. Please help maintain it by not littering and by being careful not to destroy the grass.


silliman courtyard

Common Room

The main Common Room in Byers Hall contains two Steinway parlor grand pianos. In the Dining Hall, there is a Steinway concert grand piano that is reserved for recitals. The Common Room is open for informal student use. In order to avoid conflicts in scheduling, groups who wish to use the Common Room must sign up in the Head of College’s Office in advance. Please put the furniture back in order at the conclusion of your meetings; those who book the Common Room are responsible for any damages.


common room

Computer Room

Our computer room, on the third floor of Byers Hall, contains PCs and Macs available for student use. One Mac is a desktop-publishing station with a color flatbed scanner. All computers can be used for word processing, and each is networked, allowing access to e-mail, education software, and other internet services. The Student Techs (STs) are available to make sure that the computer room—and students’ personal computers—are always in working order. If you have any computing questions, please contact any ST.

Dance Studio

Silliman has an excellent dance studio with a sprung floor located in the basement of Byers Hall adjacent to the Game Room. Contact the dance coordinators if you want to use this room.


dance studio

Digital Arts Lab

The digital arts lab, created during the 2006-2007 renovation of Silliman, is fully equipped to edit digital photos and films. It is located on the third floor of Byers Hall. Contact the Operation Manager to arrange for access to the Digital ArtsLab.


digital arts lab

Game Room

The game room is in the basement of Byers Hall adjacent to the Buttery  and houses a variety of games, such as ping-pong, air-hockey, foosball, and billiards.


game room 1


The “Sillibrary” is located on the third floor of Byers Hall. It offers a quiet study space and a beautiful reading room. It houses books and reference materials for student use.



Maya’s Room

Named in memory of Maya Hanway SM’82, Maya’s Room is the only art gallery on campus run by undergraduates. The Gallery is located on the first floor of Byers Hall. Exhibitions change frequently during the term. Stop by the Head of College’s Office to make arrangements to reserve this space.


maya's room

Music Practice Rooms

Silliman has four student practice rooms. The music rooms are located in the basement between Entryways H and I. Three of the four practice rooms contain an upright piano, whereas the fourth is the band Room, equipped with state-of-the-art electronic gear. Keys to the music rooms are available in the Head of College’s Office.  Contact the coordinators to inquire about use of the bandroom: bandroomatsilliman@gmail.com. Please note that a fine is imposed on all students who do not return these keys.


music room


Silliflicks is Silliman’s movie and television theater.  Located in the basement of Entryway C, Silliflicks boasts stadium seating, a giant projection-screen television, a full array of cable channels, a DVD player, and a collection of several hundred movies on DVDs. Silliflicks is available to all Silliman students, as long as they follow the rules posted on the SM web page.  There are also several organized events in Silliflicks, including weekly showings of popular shows and student film screenings. Talk to the Silliflicks Coordinators if you have questions, comments, or special requests. (silliflicks@gmail.com)



Lumry-Wengerd Sound Studio

This state-of-the-art sound studio has been made possible through the generosity of Loren and Amanda Wengerd SM’01, Rufus and Patricia Lumry, and the Silliman Parents Fund. It is the first studio of its kind ever constructed in a university. The studio is a room within a room, able to be tuned to perfect pitch, and suitable for all types of sound recording needs. Contact the coordinators to set up recording times. (sillirecording@gmail.com)


Lumry-Wengerd Sound Studio


Located in the basement between Entryways M and N is the expansive student kitchen, equipped with essential cooking equipment. Contact the kitchen coordinators if you want to reserve the kitchen and cook up a storm. Just remember to clean up afterwards. (sillikitchen@gmail.com)




The gym in the basement of Byers Hall includes weight and cardio machines, free weights and more. Many of the treadmills and bikes have individual television screens to watch while exercising. Your room key grants you full access. A recent Yale Herald article named the Silliman gym the best college fitness facility at Yale!