Student Council & Groups

Silliman Activities & Administrative Committee (SAAC)

All enrolled Sillimanders are members of SAAC and are entitled to attend meetings and vote. The Council acts as a forum for the discussion of matters important to the Silliman Community, allocates the Student Activities Fund, and organizes most of the social events that take place in Silliman throughout the year.

SAAC has sponsored trips such as; dances, a haunted house, a ski trip, a karaoke night, fellow’s dinners, a trip to Six Flags, a volleyball tournament, a trip to a baseball game, a trip to Broadway and the Apollo theatre, and the year-end carnival known as SilliFest.

Come to the meetings to help plan these activities, or to suggest ideas of your own! Council officers are elected each semester, and freshmen are especially welcome to run for office. Look for signs, and emails and come get involved in the ins and outs of your college. This is a great way to get to know people, to discuss improvements to the college, and to eat free pizza, soda, and candy. Meetings are Mondays at 10:00 PM in the SAAC room.

SAAC Board

  • SAAC Co-Chairs:  Sarah Al-Shalash and Claudia Torres
  • Secretary:  Shannon Cirilli
  • Treasurer:  Ella Schmidt

YCC Representatives

  • David Glaess and Samir Al-Ali

FCC Representatives

  • Bhavesh Sayal and Maggie Nolan