General Information

When sending letters and boxes please use the following addresses:


US Postal Service: (USPS)
Your name
Your P.O. Box #
New Haven, CT 06520 + last 4 digits of PO Box #

All Other:
Your name
Yale University - Silliman Residential College

135 Prospect Street

New Haven, CT 06520

All student letters and boxes sent via UPS, FedEx, or any other carrier other than the USPS will be picked up at 135 Prospect Street, and USPS will go to the Yale Station post office. 135 Prospect is located across from the Yale Hockey Rink (aka The Whale).  Always provide all the information above when sending a shipment to ensure that you get it without delays. You’ll be notified by e-mail when packages arrive.

Room Keys

All students must return their room keys and any other keys they may have checked out at the end of the year. A $25 fine is imposed by the University for failing to return any key.


Students are not allowed to keep pets in the college. The presence of any animal in student rooms constitutes a problem for public health and sanitation.


The colleges at Yale are smoke-free zones.  Smoking is not permitted in any building in Silliman, including student rooms, entryways, etc.  Please smoke only outside, away from the windows, and only where cigarette receptacles are located.

no smoking sign

Smoke Detectors

As the first line of defense against fire, these should be operating at all times. Never remove batteries from detectors. Tampering with smoke alarms or removing the batteries is punishable by a $100 fine.


For your own safety, the Head of College and the University Police strongly urge you to keep your room locked at all times. Entryway and basement doors and the four gates to the College should also be kept locked at all times; please do not prop doors open. Broken locks should be reported without delay to the Head of College’s Office.

Fire Extinguishers

By law, fire extinguishers must be ready at all times for use in the case of a fire. Removing them from their proper stations or emptying them are serious offenses and violate Undergraduate Regulations.  All persons responsible (either directly or by responsibility for his or her guests) are subject to disciplinary action by the Yale College Executive Committee and are liable for a fine of $100 for each extinguisher, plus the cost of refilling.

recycling image


Yale is required by Connecticut law to recycle nine types of items, including office paper, newspaper, glass bottles and jars, cans and corrugated cardboard. Yale uses single-steam recycling.

Bicycle Racks

Bicycle racks are located near the Wall Street, College Street, and Grove Street gates.  Please do not store bicycles in the stairwells as this violates state fire laws. Items blocking stairwells and fire doors may be confiscated by order of the Fire Marshal. Also, please do not chain bikes to trees or benches in the courtyard.


There are two laundry rooms, one is located in the basement of Entryway M, and the other on the first floor of Entryway F. They are operated and maintained by the Student Laundry Agency 203-432-1889.