Silliflicks Movie Theater

Silliflicks Policies & Information

Silliflicks is Silliman’s movie and television theater. Located below Entryways C and A, Silliflicks has a giant projection-screen television, a full array of cable channels, a DVD player, a VCR, and a collection of several hundred movies. Check out Silliman’s DVD collection (PDF)! Silliflicks is available to all Silliman students.

List of Movies available


How to Make a Reservation
  1. To make a reservation, check the list below to see who the coordinator is for that day and send an email to their Yale address, with the subject line “Silliflicks Reservation”. 
  2. The coordinator will email you back to confirm if that time is available. On that day, he/she will let you in and set up the system – you DO NOT pick up a key from a coordinator.
  3. Popcorn and movie appropriate food only (no wings, pizza, sauces, etc) 
  4. Please make reservations 24 hours in advance. If you don’t see anyone there and would like to use the theater, please call the coordinator on duty for that day (only applies if time is between 9 AM and midnight, out of consideration for the coordinators).
  5. The Silliman student who made the reservation should be the first person to enter the theater. He/she is also responsible for making sure that the entire group follows the rules and does not damage anything. To be considerate to the coordinators and anyone using the theater after you, please arrive on time!
  6. Do not mess with the equipment. The coordinator will set up the movie and/or TV for you, then you will have a remote to control the channel/scene selection and volume, but do not touch the cable box, speakers, etc.
  7. If you or your group breaks any of the above rules, the coordinators will discuss whether you and/or your group will be allowed to use the theater again next time you request a reservation.

Please use the calendar below for reservations.


2017-2018 Coordinators, their day of responsibility and their back-up