Graduate Affiliates 2016-2017

Rosie Aboody is a first year PhD student in Psychology. She is interested in how we figure out what others are thinking, and how we use that information to decide things like who to learn from and teach. She is determined to answer this question by working with the most adorable subject populations possible, so she spends most of her time with children and dogs. Outside of the lab, Rosie likes to make art, drink hot cocoa, and stare up at the sky in delight when it is snowing (an unusual occurrence in her home state of California). 

If you want to know why kids and dogs are actually interesting study populations, or are feeling down and want to hear cute stories about tiny humans, come say hi!  

Elisabeth Becker is a PhD student in Sociology here at Yale. She studies mosque communities in Europe in comparative perspective, examining how they respond to discrimination and stigma. She is also mom to a very energetic two-year old, Sami. She is foodie and coffee addict, has made forays into training in traditional French cuisine, enjoys yoga, oceans and excessive traveling–having lived, worked and explored dozens of countries.

Robin Czerwinski   is a second year MA student at the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs studying international environmental policy. She has an undergrad degree in environmental sciences, and before coming to Yale, she worked as a park ranger and served in the Peace Corps. Last summer, she interned at the Department of State in Washington, D.C.  Like most native Michiganders, Robin loves all water-based activities–she has even surfed Lake Michigan!

Ask Me About: the Udall Scholarship, the Peace Corps, study abroad, switching fields between undergrad and grad school, the National Park Service, random facts about the Great Lakes, travel in and about the Great State of Michigan. 


Nisha Dalvie is a first year medical student at the Yale School of Medicine. She graduated from MIT in 2016 with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. She also has a concentration in Global Development, having traveled to El Salvador, India, and Uganda for various projects. Her research interests include nanoparticle-based drug delivery for the treatment of cancer. Outside of school, she enjoys dance, yoga, cooking, and cuddling with her dog. She’s excited to be part of the Silliman community and is happy to chat about applying to med school, work-life balance, and anything else you can think of!

Linna Duan  is a third year M.D. student at the Yale School of Medicine. After graduating from Yale in 2011 (SM’11!) with double majors in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and History of Science, History of Medicine, she worked in China at an HIV/AIDS and human rights NGO. She graduated from Harvard in 2014 with an A.M. in History of Science. Her interests include research, travel, editing, and eating exorbitant amounts of watermelon and Arethusa ice cream.

Stephen Feagin is a third year PhD student in Political Science, studying military politics in authoritarian regimes. He went to college at UNC-Chapel Hill, and then spent ten months living in the Middle East, mainly Egypt, before coming back home and getting an MA in International Relations from the University of Chicago. Just before coming to Yale, he lived a glamorous life cooking fudge and candy and selling ice cream.

Ask Me About: Southern food, living abroad, gardening, applying to graduate school, and hanging out with my awesome dog!

Shikha Garg is a first-year at the law school. She grew up in Plano, Texas, and went to Yale where she spent four glorious years in Silliman College, graduating in 2015. She’s primarily interested in international human rights and transitional justice. Talk to me about your favorite New Haven coffee shops, law school, anything international, what you’re currently binging on Netflix, or anything else!
Allison (Allie) Greaney is a second year PhD student in Biomedical Engineering, conducting research in lung tissue engineering. She hails from a tiny town you’ve never heard of in Pennsylvania and did her undergrad at Tufts University, with a semester at the University of Queensland in Australia. She enjoys backpacking in New England, traveling, scuba diving, yoga, hip hop music, and NPR.

Ask Me About: studying abroad as an engineer, working in a lab as an undergrad, crossword puzzles clues, life

Alexandra Gutierrez is in her first year at Yale Law School. Before that, she spent seven years working as a journalist in Alaska and in Washington, DC. In Alaska, she covered state government, arctic policy, and energy for public radio, with a stint covering the fishing industry in the Aleutian Islands. In DC, she worked for political magazines like The American Prospect and The Economist. She graduated from Harvard in 2008, with a degree in Social Studies. Beyond law and journalism and their intersection, she enjoys cooking, hiking, biking, archery, snowshoeing, and most things that involve playing outside.
Jacqueline Hall  is a third-year, joint-degree student at the Yale School of Architecture the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Originally from Massachusetts, Jacqueline spent her undergraduate years at New York University where she studied Urban Political Ecology and Architecture. After graduating she biked around New York, eating tacos, organizing/attending events with her feminist collective friends and working at an ecological urban design non-profit and an architecture firm. At Yale, Jacqueline runs a student group called Equality in Design, works on the Architecture School’s newspaper, Paprika!, and serves on the graduate and professional student Title IX Advisory Board.

Ask me about all of the above and cats, coleslaw, dance, design, houseplants, and feminism.  

Chris Harshaw is a first year PhD student in the Computer Science department where he studies algorithms and theoretical properties of networks at the Yale Institute for Network Science. Born and raised in Dallas, he graduated from Rice University with degrees in computational mathematics and electrical engineering. When he’s not working on cracking a theorem, Chris enjoys playing and composing jazz music, solving puzzles, and taking long walks around science hill. He’s excited to become part of the Silliman community and looks forward to meeting you! Talk to me about your favorite music, maker / hacker culture, mathematics education, social implications of machine learning algorithms, Ryan Gosling films, and anything you’re passionate about.

Bridget Hegarty is a fourth year student in environmental engineering.  Beyond the lab, Bridget is on the club Taekwondo team, involved with the Society of Women Engineers, an avid photographer, and voracious reader.  She hopes to be a resource for anyone considering engineering, research, or who just wants to talk about photography! Ask me about: grad school, studying abroad, applying for REUs, global warming, photography, or gender bias

Lindsey Hughes is a second year PhD student in the Department of Immunobiology, studying the negative regulation of innate immune cells. Originally hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, she developed an appreciation for lakes, farmers’ markets, cheese curds, and the Packers at a young age, but never for winter. Before coming to Yale, she studied Molecular Biology and Spanish at Washington University in St. Louis, and led several STEM educational initiatives. When not in lab, she enjoys dancing, reading, educational outreach, theater, and cooking. She is excited to be a part of the Silliman community this year!  Ask Me About: research in the biological sciences, STEM education, dance, Argentine film/literature, or anything else you’d like!

Gina Hurley is a 4th year PhD student in Medieval Studies. When she’s not reading Middle English romance and hagiography, she enjoys cooking, music, and the occasional kayaking trip. For obvious reasons, Monty Python and the Holy Grail is her favorite movie.  Ask me about: surviving northern winters as a southerner, medieval literature, applying for graduate school, writing, travel
Priyanka Karuvelil is a second year student at the Yale School of Management. Born and raised in Kuwait, Priyanka is a proud Canadian who bleeds hockey and maple syrup. Prior to business school, she worked at the Department of Energy at the Government of Alberta on policy and stakeholder issues concerning pipeline access and climate change. She spent her summer working at a renewables firm in Washington D.C. and eating everything that the city had to offer. Priyanka holds a BA in Economics and Political Science from McGill University and a MA in International Relations from New York University.  Please feel free to reach out to me on anything! Especially if you wanted to chat about politics (holler at me if you’re also taking Grand Strategy!), multi-ethnic cooking, post-undergrad plans or how to win (second-place) at fantasy football.

Emily Kuhn is a first year PhD student in Physics planning to do experimental cosmology research. She just graduated from Duke University, where she spent her out of lab time abroad in Nicaragua and Australia, playing flute in the Wind Symphony, and sleeping in a tent for basketball tickets. Backpacking, Broadway, gymnastics, photography, budget traveling, and trendy food are a few of her favorite things, and she would love to talk about any of the above with you! 

Max Landau is mixing up history and politics in his interdisciplinary European Studies Masters program. In the future, he’s hoping to move the teaching of history away from dry lectures towards simulations, counterfactuals, and more interactive learning in general. In his free time Max enjoys cooking with lots of butter, adult coloring books, lifting more than his little sister, and watching youtube videos about how badass the natural world is.
Ask Me About: Anything from Ramses to Roosevelt, Social Democracy, baking bread, strategy games, lifting, or living in boring states.
Louise Lu is a first year M.D. student at Yale School of Medicine. After graduating from Stanford in 2014 with a major in Human Biology and a concentration in Global Health and Infectious Disease, she spent a year researching global infectious diseases (parasites and viruses, oh my!) in France, Bolivia, and rural China. Her interests include traveling, wildlife photography, beach volleyball, yoga, and eating a ridiculous number of mangoes in one sitting. She’s stoked to be a part of the Silliman community! Please feel free to reach out to chat about medical school, research, traveling, or anything else you’d like.
Carmina Aguilar Mancenon is pursuing the joint degree programme with the School of Management and the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs. She grew up in Tokyo, is from Manila, and enjoys ethnic dancing (particularly Indian and Middle Eastern). She moved to the US to study Engineering at Princeton University, but primarily to try a proper s’more. There are very few things she is more fond of than conversing and laughing over cups of tea, so come find her if the mood for a chat strikes!  Ask Me About: being an international student/third culture kid, international development, backpacking/traveling, sustainable fashion, the pursuit and pondering of passions
David Goodall Miller is a first year student at the law school. Born and raised in Boston, he studied at Harvard College and for an MPhil in International Relations and Politics at the University of Cambridge. His academic interests are primarily in human rights and related security policy, with a particular on state-sanctioned torture. He enjoys playing and watching sports of all sorts, and listening to the best of Bruce Springsteen. Please email to talk about law and law school, postgrad fellowships, education policy, the Patriots, or anything else you’d like.
Nida Naushad is a first year medical student at Yale School of Medicine. Having grown up in Boston, she graduated from Harvard College in 2014, with a degree in neurobiology. She also received a secondary in computer science, and a language citation in Arabic. After graduating from college, she decided to escape New England for a bit, and moved to San Francisco, where she worked for a diabetes market research company. Outside of school, she enjoys working out, trying new recipes, using Duolingo, and finding dogs to pet. Feel free to reach out to talk about applying to medical school, exercise, nutrition, and wellness or anything else!


Ellen Nye is a first-year history PhD student studying British and Ottoman economic relations. She grew up in a college town in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming where she enjoying skiing, hiking, and running. She graduated from Dartmouth College in 2014 and then earned an MPhil from the University of Cambridge. Last year she living in Istanbul through the Fulbright learning Turkish, researching, and eating as much moussaka as possible. Ask her about studying in the UK, fellowships, Turkey, and anything historical.
West Resendes is a Deaf first-year student at Yale Law School. A native Rhode Islander, West worked in civil rights advocacy and general law practice as a paralegal in Ann Arbor, Michigan before coming to YLS. West got his A.B. in Psychology from Harvard University and was a Henry Russell Shaw Fellow, which enabled him to travel in Europe for a year following graduation, explore numerous Deaf communities, and learn different sign languages. In his free time, West enjoys hiking the National Parks, watching shows that involve his name (e.g., Westworld, West Wing, and that show about Westeros), and hanging out with llamas. Feel free to talk to West about law school, social justice, postgraduate fellowships, sign languages/Deaf culture, developmental psychology, navigating college as a first-generation student/professional, and anything else!


Ceren Safak is a Yale School of Public Health and School of Management, Class of 2017 student from Istanbul, Turkey. She graduated from Bogazici University, with a concentration in Psychology and Political Science and International Relations and started Health Policy in YSPH and MBA in SOM. She is in the Global Health track in YSPH and spent her summer of 2015 interning at WHO in India. During this last summer, she interned at McKinsey & Co. in Istanbul.  
Madison “Maddy”  Sharp is in her first year at the Yale School of Medicine. She grew up in the rolling hills of San Diego before attending Yale College. A proud former Sillimander, Maddy fondly recalls playing inner tube water polo and working in the buttery. After college Maddy lived in Nicaragua, where she conducted public health research. As a medical student, she is especially interested in working with refugee and displaced populations. Ask her about global health/humanitarian aid, effective altruism, road tripping from England to Uzbekistan, magical realism, and the great outdoors.
Peijia (Jessica) Yuan  is a fifth-year PhD student in the department of chemistry, doing research on fluorescent probes and RNA modifications. She was born in China and raised in Northern California (and a few other places in between), and spent several years in the vibrant city of Berkeley, CA during undergrad. She enjoys live music, foreign films, and practicing Dutch and German, and is excited to help make Silliman an inclusive and welcoming residential community.