Freshmen Counselors

The Freshman Counselor Program was established in 1938 and has been ever since an intrinsic and essential component of Yale’s advising system for freshmen. The program has evolved in many ways over the years, but the general purpose of the program has remained the same: to help ease the transition of incoming freshmen to the academic, social, and cultural life of Yale College.

Your Silliman 2016-2017 Counselors:

Mikayla Harris, Head FroCo

Mikayla Harris is an American Studies major from the good old suburbs of Washington, D.C. Around campus she is a tour guide, a Freshman Outdoor Orientation Trip (FOOT) leader, and is actively involved in the theater scene on campus. She also writes and acts for the sketch comedy group The Good Show and hosts a weekly radio program for WYBCx called “Diva Dreams and Divine Doo-Rags.” Outside of classes and extracurriculars, Mikayla enjoys running, tweeting, and spending too much time in the Silliman dining hall.

Joana Andoh

Joana is a senior double majoring in Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry and Classical Civilization. She hails from Crete, IL and went to high school in NH. At Yale, she’s been involved in three dances groups (RB, SO, and Groove!), Yale Black Women’s Coalition, and Global Brigades. In her spare time, Joana loves running and watching Scandal.

Curran Boyce

Born and raised on Long Island, Curran is a senior majoring in Political Science. He is a midshipman in Yale’s Naval ROTC Unit and active in the Chi Psi Fraternity, K11, Habitat for Humanity at Yale and Silliman intramurals- particularly IM Water Polo! Curran enjoys reading, SCUBA Diving, long walks on the beach at sunset, and grilling and competing in sports with friends.

Austen James

Austen is a Math and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies double major from Bremerton, Washington. She hosts a WYBC radio show as DJ Slug Aust, and she has been a communication and consent educator, worked at the Women’s Center, and taught coding classes with FLOAT. Austen loves the Silliman community and is SO excited to be a Froco! 

Colleen Kenney

An economics major, Colleen is a senior from Buffalo, NY (Go Bills!). She can usually be found playing soccer with C2 or whipping up something delicious on her Buttery shift. A member of Circle of Women, Colleen is very passionate about girls’ education after attending an all-girls high school for four years. Colleen is also a very active member of the Silliman Activities and Administrative Committee (SAAC) and formerly served as a College Aide. Colleen loves watching pretty much all sports, and plans to pursue a career in financial services. 

Eva Landsberg

Eva is a senior history major from the college town of Claremont, California. Despite her West Coast roots, she’s inexplicably obsessed with Colonial New England, and may or may not have once held a summer job that involved dressing as a Pilgrim. On campus, she tutors elementary school students through New Haven Reads and works for the Yale Daily News and the Yale Historical Review. In her spare time, Eva loves hiking, exploring New Haven restaurants, and watching bad romcoms.    

Nora May

Nora grew up in Nashville, TN with her parents and her younger brother and sister. In college, she has split most of her time between working on problem sets for the chemical engineering major and singing in one of her two choirs, the Yale Glee Club and Magevet (Yale’s Jewish a cappella group). With the rest of her time, she loves watching Netflix, baking with her friends in the SilliKitchen, and crafting and bookbinding in the Silliman art room. If she isn’t in Silliman or across the street at Slifka, she’s probably about one hundred feet away at Blue State doing work and catering to her coffee addiction. 

Seth Noorbakhsh

Originally from a quaint small town in West Virginia, Seth has spent most of the last 7 years of his life elsewhere- from boarding school in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania to Santiago, Chile to Oxford, England. Though he is an economics major at Yale, he is also pre-med and plans to attend medical school in the near future. Outside of the classroom, Seth is involved in the Elmseed Enterprise Fund as well as C2 Club Men’s Soccer. He is an avid Mountaineer fan, and can often be found singing “Take Me Home, Country Roads” in the Silliman Courtyard (alone) after a big win.

Emma Poole

Emma is a history major originally from Brookline, Massachusetts.  She plays Club 2 soccer, is a FOOT leader, loves Silliman full-time, and has been training all summer to move you in with fellow Sillimander and lacrosse player, John Lazarsfeld (pictured here).

Taha Ramazanoglu

Hey everyone, my name is Taha. I come from the beautiful city of Istanbul, Turkey, where Asia and Europe meet (fun fact: I lived on the Asian side and went to school on the European side). I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering and am part of Bulldogs Racing (aka we build race cars, isn’t that dope?), where I was the president last year. I also held board positions on the Yale chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Yale Muslim Students Association and Yale Friends of Turkey. When I am not cramming homework in the CEID, I can be found turning a wrench on the race car, playing basketball at Payne Whitney or indulging in ice cream with friends (Arethusa on Chapel St. is my new favorite).

Nicholas Stewart

Hey! I’m Nick and I hail from Concord, Massachusetts (birthplace of the revolution and, therefore, the nation; aka best town ever). Here at Yale I study American History and I’m a scholar in the Human Rights program. Other than doing school work I spend my time working at the School of Management and playing a variety of club sports. I’m a big runner so I try to make time for that between club soccer and squash. I also like swimming and biking but have had a hard time summoning the commitment to keep those up at school. If you like classical music, I’m your man for that too. I play the violin and get a kick out of performing with the Pierson College Tiny Baroque Orchestra. I think of myself as someone who goes to bed and gets up early but that almost never happens at school- maybe I’ll improve this year.

Zachary Young

Zach is an Ethics, Politics and Economics major in Silliman College and a native of Cincinnati, Ohio. He enjoys writing, debate, IM squash, and skiing. He also dabbles in piano and likes to attend jazz events around campus. He is a big fan of the Cincinnati Bengals and Reds and also Graeter’s ice cream. He looks forward to meeting the members of Silliman’s Class of 2020!