College Aides

College Aides 2016-2017

Mara Blumenstein, ‘18

Mara is a junior from northern California majoring in molecular, cellular, and developmental biology.  A lover of both food and Silliman College, you can find Mara combining her two passions by eating cookie dough in the Sillikitchen, making (and eating) mozzarella sticks in the Buttery, and perfecting her grilled cheese technique in the Silliman dining hall.  When not engaging in Silli-related activities, Mara enjoys playing soccer, wearing crocs, and training to become a Bananagrams world champion.

Shannon Cirilli, ‘19

Shannon is a sophomore in Silliman College, majoring in Biomedical Engineering with a concentration in Tissue Engineering.  She is a co-captain of C2 Soccer, a member of the club figure skating team and enjoys tutoring at a Fair Haven elementary school.  Shannon is an active member of Silliman College, participating in IM soccer and attending SAAC meetings.  In her free time, she enjoys running, talking to her family and attending every Free Topping Tuesday at Go Greenly.

Stefan Jones, ‘20 

Stefan is a freshman from Seattle, Washington. His main interests are in History and Philosophy, though his major remains undecided. His life wouldn’t be complete, however, without classical music, whether it be composition, conducting, or simply playing the piano. Around campus, you can find him involved with the Yale Political Union, exploring the local architecture or reading in the lovely Silliman courtyard. 

John Paul Kenney, ‘20

John Paul is a freshman from Buffalo, New York (Go Bills!) who is still undecided on his major but looking into Molecular Biophysics & Biophysics or Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies.  Outside of the classroom you can find him running around New Haven with the Club Running Team or helping organize events for Not So Straight Frosh. In his spare time he’s often studying, doodling, or watching Rom-Coms with members of his Fro-Co Group.

Ipsitaa Khullar, ‘19

Raised in multiple cities, Ipsitaa is a sophomore whose most recent hometown is Chandigarh, India.  She hopes to double major in Economics and Psychology.  You can find her working on a paper in the Silliman Common Room in the wee hours of the morning, dancing in the Silliman Dance Studio, making chai in the Sillikitchen or grabbing (way too many) cups of coffee from the dining hall.  Outside of Silliman, she spends time working as the Cultural Chair for the South Asian Society, doing Psychology research on bipolar disorder, singing opera with the OTYC, choreographing a Kathak piece with the Yale Kala or meeting with local businesses for AIESEC.  She loves making new friends so definitely hit her up for a chat over chai!

Elizabeth Kitt, ‘18

Elizabeth is a junior from Potomac, Maryland majoring in Psychology.  Within Silliman, she can often be found running in the SilliGym or baking cookies in the SilliKitchen.  Beyond Silliman, she enjoys learning about children’s interactions with animals and robots in the Innovative Interactions Lab and painting sets in the Dramat’s shop.  

Emily Locke, ‘19

Emily is a sophomore from Seattle, Washington who has yet to choose a major but is leaning toward something in the humanities.  She loves reading, theatre, music, swimming, running, Silliman (obviously), and vegan chicken.  Catch her in the dining hall drizzling peanut butter on everything, or in the Head of College’s Office.  She’d love to meet you!

Alejandra Mena, ‘17

I am a senior from Miami, Florida majoring in political science. I love studying and exploring other countries and cultures, from language to food to music. Outside of class, I tutor in Spanish, teach for Splash at Yale, and hang out at La Casa. I also very much love to dance. I often dance my way into and around the Silliman dining hall. If I’m not watching Cuban comedies or horror movies with my friends, you can probably find me in the Buttery, playing pool and eating quesadillas. I spent the last semester abroad so I look forward to being reminded of all the wonderful aspects of Silliman and Yale!

Nina Mesfin, ‘18

Born and raised in Chicago, Nina is a member of Silliman College’s Class of 2018. She’s primarily interested in the humanities and social sciences and is a prospective Ethnicity, Race and Migration major. Nina is also a board member of Yale Children’s Theater as well as an editor for DOWN Magazine. When she isn’t sitting behind the desk in the office, you can probably find her practicing Hindi, watching a movie/laughing with some friends, or eating Special K Red Berry cereal in the dining hall.

Myka Perusek, ‘17

Myka is a senior from Podunk, North Carolina (AKA Kannapolis, NC).  She studies History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health and is pre-med.  She is a charter member of the Iota Chi chapter of Alpha Phi, dancer and choreographer for Yale Danceworks, and driver of the local Struggle Bus.  She also works in Sterling Memorial Library and mentors 8th graders.  In her “spare” time, you can catch her working out or finding a new show on Netflix.

Emma Pred-Sosa, ‘19

Emma is a sophomore from the Boston area and a prospective History major.  She loves everything Silliman, especially getting involved with the Silliman Activities and Administrative Committee (SAAC) and trying out new IM sports.  When she’s not in her favorite study spot, (the Sillibrary!), Emma spends her time tutoring kids in literacy, trying to learn all the languages possible, and watching way too much Netflix.

Shelby Redman, ‘19

Shelby is a sophomore from Austin, Texas. She regularly attends SAAC meetings and is the Silliman Art Room Coordinator. Beyond Silliman, Shelby serves on the board for MedX, a group that seeks to improve the health realities of local and global underserved communities through interdisciplinary approaches, and UAID, an organization that empowers students and communities to eliminate health inequities. In the fall, Shelby will be the Dwight Hall Rep for Silliman, so you can expect to see emails from her about upcoming volunteer opportunities! You can also see some of her graphic design work in the Yale Herald. She loves Texas, the Sillikitchen, cats, horror movies, writing, and art. If you ever want to make a new friend or just talk about cats, Shelby would be excited to meet you!

Mike Yoon, ‘18

Mike a junior from the beautiful island of Guam majoring in Political Science and East Asian Studies.  His passions include exploring New Haven restaurants and having coffee with friends.  In his free time, Mike enjoys watching his favorite shows in Silliflicks and cooking up late night foods in the Silliman Buttery.