Head of College & Associate Head of College

Head of College Nicholas A. Christakis

Email: nicholas.christakis@yale.edu

Officially, Head of Colleges are charged with setting the “intellectual, social, and ethical tone of the College.” On a practical level, I am here to support you, our wonderful Silliman students. I spend time trying to get to know and advise students; working with our amazing residential staff to foster college life; and hosting social and academic events. I also devote energy to anticipating needs, whether they involve space allocation, resources, or new programs to meet students’ interests. Oh, and I deliver sweets at odd hours. 

I’m a physician and social scientist with joint appointments in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (in the Department of Sociology and of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), at Yale Medical School (in the Department of Medicine), and at SEAS (in the Department of Biomedical Engineering). For many years, I was a front-line hospice doctor taking care of terminally ill patients; nowadays, I run the Human Nature Lab (which does work in the field of biosocial science, particularly focused on social interactions and social networks) and I co-direct the Yale Institute for Network Science. I teach Sociology 126, “Health of the Public.”  

I want students in Silliman to feel that they can talk to me at any time, about any subject. I am especially interested in getting to know you as people –- to know about your individual interests, hopes, aspirations, quandaries. As a graduate of Yale College, I have distinct memories of residential life. And as a researcher, my main objective is to learn how communities form and how they affect our lives. I hope to put all this background to use in helping all at Silliman to have a stimulating and fulfilling experience during their years at Yale.  

You can find me in our dining hall and courtyard. The best way to reach me is at nicholas.christakis@yale.edu.


Associate Head of College Erika Christakis

Email: erika.christakis@yale.edu

The role of an Associate Head of College is hard to define, but I stand ready to support the Silliman community in any way I can. I am an early childhood educator with a background in public health, counseling, and journalism. Currently a Lecturer in Yale’s Zigler Center in Child Development and Social Policy, which is part of the Yale Child Study Center in the medical school, I am excited about the ways people learn at all stages of the lifespan and am especially passionate about teaching Yale undergraduate courses in child development and early education.

A licensed teacher and former preschool director, I am a graduate of Harvard College (shhh…) and have amassed a small collection of master’s degrees in various un-lucrative but profoundly rewarding fields. I’ve also written extensively for the popular press on issues related to children, families, and culture. I am very eager to get to know “Sillimanders” and hope you know that you are welcome to chat with me at any time, and about any topic.  

Nicholas and I have three grownup children, and when I’m not working on child-related issues, I enjoy traveling to far-off places, and spending my down time with family in Vermont. The best way to reach me is at erika.christakis@yale.edu.

Sergio Gonzalez, Operations Manager

Phone:  (203) 432-0702

Email: sergio.gonzalez@yale.edu


Elaine Vivero, Senior Administrative Assistant

Phone: (203) 432-0700. Fax: (203) 432-7054

Email:  elaine.vivero@yale.edu