Welcome to Silliman College!

Silliman is the largest college at Yale in terms of area, occupying most of a city block. Whereas other colleges house their first-year students on Old Campus, first years in Silliman College and Timothy Dwight College (our rival) enjoy the privilege of living in their own colleges! Silliman’s courtyard alternates as an informal athletic field, a site for college festivities and a place for quiet repose. Over two hundred members of the faculty, staff and administration are Fellows of Silliman, and they are invited to eat in the college dining hall and to participate in college activities. The aim is to promote interchange between faculty and students.

Silliman offers a wide range of activities and is known for the enthusiasm of its students. Through participation in college activities, and through conversations in the dining hall and at other social occasions, students create the intellectual and cultural atmosphere that is the foundation of college life. Silliman is known as the most spirited of the fourteen colleges. We count on every incoming first year class to continue Silliman’s tradition of being a stimulating and fun place to live. Silliman is a vibrant college, alive with diverse activities, facilities, tradition, and people. Head of College Arielle Baskin-Sommers, Dean Tycie Coppett, and all the staff, fellows, and students of Silliman are eager to get to know you.