Fellows of Silliman

First Name Last Name Key words of interests Contact Email
Vikki Abrahams Professor and Director of the Division of Reproductive Sciences in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences. vikki.abrahams@yale.edu
Jeffrey Alexander culture, politics, theory jeffrey.alexander@yale.edu
Yoram Alhassid Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics; Condensed Matter Physics; Nuclear Physics; Quantum Physics yoram.alhassid@yale.edu
Meenakshi Alreja psychiatry, neuroscience, brain circuits, neuroendocrinology of puberty and reproduction, cellular mechanisms meenakshi.alreja@yale.edu
Nancy Angoff Medicine (HIV), teaching and mentoring, theatre, dogs, nancy.angoff@yale.edu
Natalia Arboleda 2023 World Fellow at Jackson School of Global Affairs, attorney and diplomat, represented Colombia at UN Security Council, interests in social responsibility and development natalia.arboleda@yale.edu
Richard Beals Professor Emeritus of Maths, differential operators, partial differential equations, real and complex funciton theory richard.beals@yale.edu
James Berger Twentieth- and Twenty-first-century American literature, literary theory, disability studies, apocalyptic literature and film, neuroscience and literature james.berger@yale.edu
Kripa Bhagat Assistant Director Richard U. Light Fellowship, which funds intensive language study in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean kripa.bhagat@yale.edu
Pablo Boixeda Alvarez modular representation theory of algebraic groups and related questions pablo.boixedaalvarez@yale.edu
Paul Bracken international security; technology, arms control, and world order; political economy of multinational corporations paul.bracken@yale.edu
Mark Bradford Prof of Soils and Ecosystem Ecology, focuses on the health, biology, ecology and carbon storage potential of forest, grassland and agricultural soils  
Martin Bresnick musical composition martin.bresnick@yale.edu
Melissa Brown Goodall Deputy Director of the MacMillan Center melissa.goodall@yale.edu
David Cameron European politics, European Union david.r.cameron@yale.edu
Susan Carney intellectual property law, research regulation, academic fraud, litigation & international transactions, ethics, and business susan.carney@yale.edu
Molly Chamberlain Assistant Coach of Yale Women’s Swimming and Diving  
Stephanie Chan the Endowment’s developed equities, emerging equities, and marketable alternatives portfolios; regulatory matters & capital markets support. stephanie.s.chan@yale.edu
Chie Chao Senior Lector Emeritus of East Asian Languages and Literatures, responsible for preparin course materials, examinations and intensive drill session chie.chao@yale.edu
Christine Chen Hospitalist christine.chen@yale.edu
Amber Childs Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, licensed clinical psychologist, antiracism, equity, access and outcomes to psychiatric services amber.childs@yale.edu
Max Claman Experiential Education & Camps, Athletics, Professional Learning & Development, Pop Culture & Trivia, Rhetoric, Coaching max.claman@yale.edu
Katerina Clark Russian, European and Eurasian film, literature, performing arts, art, architecture and literary theory; cultural interactions; world literature; art and ideology. katerina.clark@yale.edu
Alison Clemens Libraries, archives, and cultural heritage alison.clemens@yale.edu
Ann Close Assistant Prof in the Child Center Study, Director of Clinical Services for Minding the Baby, child psychopathology, developmental assessment and clinical evaluation  
Paolo Coppi Extragalactic Astronomy, High Energy Astrophysics paolo.coppi@yale.edu
Jason Crawford chemical biology, organic chemistry, biophysical chemistry jason.crawford@yale.edu
Peter Cresswell Immunobiology, cell biology, immunity, peter.cresswell@yale.edu
Julia Cron Vice Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Assistant Clinical Professor at Weill Cornell Medicine/New York Presbyterian  
R James Cross Professor of Chemistry, research in physical chemistry, devised ways of putting atoms and small molecules into fullerenes james.cross@yale.edu
Gwyneth Crowley Economics, human behavior, voting, political memorabilia, singing gwyneth.crowley@yale.edu
Igor De Souza Lecturer in English, Lecturer in Humanities, Associate Research Scholar in Judaic Studies, medieval Jewish philosophy, transatlantic Jewish diaspora and Jewish communities of the colonial Americas.  
Alex Debs political science; causes of war, democratization, nuclear proliferation alexandre.debs@yale.edu
Stephen Dellaporta Prof of MCDB, research on genomic and computational biology of agronomic traits, postdoc associate Cold Spring Harbor Labratory stephen.dellaporta@yale.edu
Pierre Demarque Prof Emeritus Astronomy, research interests include Exoplanets, Galactic Astronomy, Solar and Stellar Astrophysics, Asteroseismology, Stellar Populations pierre.demarque@yale.edu
Robert DeSanto Photography, video production, graphic design, communications, Adobe software robert.desanto@yale.edu
Nicole Deziel Associate Prof of Epidemology, quantitative assesement environmental contaminants in population-based studies nicole.deziel@yale.edu
Sabrina Diano Professor Adjunct, Cell & Molecular Physiology, CNS (hypothalamic) mechanisms relating to the regulation of energy and glucose homeostasis. sabrina.diano@yale.edu
Yarrow Dunham developmental psychology, social cognition, social institutions, prison education, cycling yarrow.dunham@yale.edu
Adam Eitel Assistant Professor of Ethics, history of Chrisian moral thought, contemporary social ethics & criticism, and modern religious thought adam.eitel@yale.edu
Robert Ellickson Yale Law School, property and urban law robert.ellickson@yale.edu
Tarek Fahmy Biomaterials, MRI contrast agents; materials for drug delivery, biomedical engineering, chemical & environmental engineeering and immunobiology tarek.fahmy@yale.edu
Michael Faison Senior Lecturer of Astronomy  
Joseph Fischel Associate Prof of Womens, Gender & Sexuality Studies, theorist of social and sexual justice, author of Sex and Harm (2016) joseph.fischel@yale.edu
Hugh Flick sanskrit, India, Religious Studies, Folklore and Mythology hugh.flick@yale.edu
Marjorie Funk Yale School of Nursing, ECG monitoring, technology for care marjorie.funk@yale.edu
Emma Funk graphic design  
Tim G.J. Rudner machine learning, AI policy, machine learning for health, philosophy tim.rudner@yale.edu
Milette Gaifman classics, history of art, Greek art, milette.gaifman@yale.edu
Laura Galas Associate Director for Frontline Services laura.sider@yale.edu
William Garfinkel law, crime & criminal justice, tang soo do William_Garfinkel@ctd.uscourts.gov
Gordon Geballe ecology, cities, sustainable development goals, Haiti Gordon.geballe@yale.edu
Dylan Gee Associate Professor of Psychology, neural circuits and identification and treatment of mental health disorders. dylan.gee@yale.edu
Tracy George Co-Creator of The Good Life Center, community wellbeing, mindfulness, and health psychology  
Joel Getz philanthropy, business, university administration joel.getz@yale.edu
Alexander Gil Fuentes Senior Lecturer in Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Associate Research Faculty of Digital Humanities alex.gil@yale.edu
Leonid Glazman physics of meoscopic solids, superconductivity, cold atoms leonid.glazman@yale.edu
Mary Helen Goldsmith Prof Emeritus of Forestry and Environmental Studies and of MCDB, reserched physiology of plants, previous Master of Silliman College maryhelen.goldsmith@yale.edu
Timothy Goldsmith Prof Emeritus of MCDB, researched biochemistry of vision using insect models timothy.goldsmith@yale.edu
Abha Gupta medicine, pediatrics, child development, autism, genetics, neuroscience abha.gupta@yale.edu
Elaine Gustafson Associate Clinical Professor of Nursing, school-based healthcare elaine.gustafson@yale.edu
Jung Han Prof of Electrical Engineering, researches wide bandgap semiconductor materials, optoelectronic and microelectronic devices, nanoscale materials jung.han@yale.edu
Henry Hansmann Yale Law School, economics, business organizations, contract law henry.hansmann@yale.edu
Daniel Harrison Prof in the Music Department, researches tonal theory, especially at historical margins of the common-practice era daniel.harrison@yale.edu
William Hathaway Office of Public Affairs and Communications Writer  
Christine Hayes religious studies, early Mediterranean and West Asian religions, Jewish studies christine.hayes@yale.edu
Renita Heng a senior assistant director at the admissions office renita.heng@yale.edu
Mark Herz   mark.herz@aya.yale.edu
Elisabeth Hodermarsky Yale Art Gallery, prints and drawings lisa.hodermarsky@yale.edu
Carla Horwitz early care and education; Child Study Center carla.horwitz@yale.edu
Garland Howard mathematics, algebraic groups, lie algebras, structure theory, infinite dimensional algebras, representation theory garland-howard@yale.edu
Julia Istomina Associate Director of The Graduate Writing Lab julia.istomina@yale.edu
Julian Jara-Ettinger mathematical models of cognition, social cognition julian.jara-ettinger@yale.edu
Kyle Jensen Associate Dean & Shanna and Eric Bass ‘05 Director of Entrepreneurial Programs at YSOM, research interests include entrepreneurship, intellectual property, and innovation  
Gregory Johnson Professor of Film, specializing in courses on Modern Hollywood, digital media, and television gregory.r.johnson@yale.edu
Andrew Johnston Roman cultural history, epigraphy; Greek and Latin historiography and ethnography; Roman archaeology andrew.johnston@yale.edu
Peter Jokl Medicine (sports medicine) peter.jokl@yale.edu
Alice Kaplan French, literature, history alice.kaplan@yale.edu
Amin Karbasi Associate Prof of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Large-scale Optimization, Statistical Learning Theory, Computational Neuroscience  
Samuel Katz programmed cell death, reprogramming immunocytes samuel.katz@yale.edu
Leander Keck Prof. Emeritus of Biblical Theology leander.keck@yale.edu
Megan Khan theater, visual arts, literary fiction megan.khan@yale.edu
Seema Khurana South Asian studies, Hindi language and literature seema.khurana@yale.edu
Amanda Klay Immigration law, FGLI student engagement, state government, latin dance, travel, community building amanda.klay@yale.edu
Peter Knudsen waste to energy systems, engineering and economics pknudsen@ecoair.com
Pinar Kodaman obstetrics, gynecology & reproductive sciences, infertility, surgery for fibroids, endometriosis pinar.kodaman@yale.edu
Daniel Koenigsberg Medicine (Psychiatry), Classical music (esp choral, violin), hiking, pickleball, skiing dkoenigsberg14@gmail.com
Matthew Kotchen Professor at the School of the Environment, of Management, and of Economics, the intersection of environmental and public economics and policy  
Roman Kuc electrical engineering, applied science, brain-based devices roman.kuc@yale.edu
Helene Landemore-Jelaca democratic theory, political epistemology, ethics & politics of artificial intelligence helene.landemore@yale.edu
Donna LaPaglia Associate Professor of Psychiatry, addictions, substance abuse, mental health donna.lapaglia@yale.edu
Susie LaPosta Senior Associate Director Major Gifts Development susielaposta@gmail.com
Stephanie Lazzaro Lecturer of Psychology, how social information, incentives, and prior beliefs can influence decision-making and memory stephanie.lazzaro@yale.edu
James Leckman pediatrics, Yale Child Study Center, Tourette Syndrome and OCD james.leckman@yale.edu
Rosamaria Leon Senior Lecturer of Spanish, colonial Spanish literature, history, and religion rosamaria.leon@yale.edu
Julia Leonard Developmental psychology, motivation, education, climbing julia.leonard@yale.edu
Marshall Long mechanical engineering, materials science, laser diagnostic techniques marshall.long@yale.edu
Mark Lynch Law, educational opportunity, current afairs mlynch@cov.com
Robert Makuch biostatistics, clinical trials, regulatory affairs in global pharma development robert.makuch@yale.edu
Abdul-Rehman Malik contemporary Muslim experience and identity, social justice, supporting artistic production abdul-rehman.malik@yale.edu
Daniel Mattingly comparative politics, political economy daniel.mattingly@yale.edu
Sarah Maurrasse Assistant Professor of Surgery, pediatric ear, nose, and throat (otolaryngology) surgery with an interest in endoscopic airway surgey, airway reconstruction, and pediatric robot surgery sarah.maurrasse@yale.edu
Mark Maxwell philosophy, metaphysics, mathematics, games mark.maxwell@yale.edu
Giuseppe Mazzotta Italian language and literature giuseppe.mazzotta@yale.edu
Cate McDonough University Director of Planned Giving caitlin.mcdonough@yale.edu
Tracey Meares Walton Hale Hamilton Professor of Law and Founding Director of The Justice Collaboratory tracey.meares@yale.edu
Meredith Mira Career coaching, life purpose and values identification, personal narrative creation, assessing work culture, education equity meredith@choicepointscoaching.com
Mushfiq Mobarak Prof of managment and economics, founder and faculty director of the Yale Research Initiative on Innovation and Scale (Y-RISE), ongoing research projects in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sierra Leone  
Laura Morrison Associate Prof of Geratics Medicine, attending physician on the Yale-New Haven Hospital Palliative Care Consultation Service laura.morrison@yale.edu
Giuseppe Moscarino macroeconomics, labor market analysis giuseppe.moscarino@yale.edu
Hussain Nadim 2023 World Fellow at Jackson School of Global Affairs, policy expert, innovator, author, interests in evidence-based decisions that serve public good hussain.nadim@yale.edu
Kumiko Nakamura Senior Lecturer of Japanese kumiko.nakamura@yale.edu
Barry Nalebuff prof at SOM, expert on game theory and strategy, entrepeneur, consulting multinational firms barry.nalebuff@yale.edu
Asia Neupane international relations; environmental and public health; Nepal; Latin America + Iberia; FGLI centered discussions; positive psychology asia.neupane@yale.edu
Stefan Nicolescu geo / cosmochemistry, mineralogy, history of science, European history and culture stefan.nicolescu@yale.edu
David Ottenstein Photography (commercial, architectural and fine art), hiking, U.S. roadtrips david@davidottenstein.com
Victor Padilla-Taylor Entrepreneurship, Social Change Making, Alumni Networking, Business School, Theater Administratrion, Competitive Sports victor.padilla-taylor@yale.edu
Audrey Pearson Libraries, special collections, rare books, classical music, jazz audrey.pearson@yale.edu
Peter Phillips prof at SOM, expertise and research: econometrics, statistics; editor of section in Cambridge University Press peter.phillips@yale.edu
Alan Plattus prof at Yale Law and Architecture; founded Urban Design Workshop and Center for Urban Design Research alan.plattus@yale.edu
Patricia (Pat) Preisig cooking, exercise, helping with projects, helping those in need of support or assistance that I can provide, travelling — keeping busy: I am not one to sit still for long patricia.preisig@yale.edu
Lisa Puglisi Associate Professor of Medicine in department of General Medicine, primary care, addiction medicine, hepatitis C lisa.puglisi@yale.edu
Elihu Robertson Non Executive Director at Various Aircraft Leasing Entities elihurobertson@gmail.com
Joel Rosenbaum Prof Emeritus of MCDB, researched biology of the bi-flagellate green alga, Chlamydomonas, ciliopathies in humans joel.rosenbaum@yale.edu
Daniel Ross Principal at Four Peaks Multifamily Partners dan.ross@yale.edu
Nancy Ruddle Immunology, autoimmunity, gardening, sailing, percussion nancy.ruddle@yale.edu
Robb Rutledge decision making and affective states across ages, computational models, brain scanning, pharmacology robb.rutledge@yale.edu
Ronald Salem Yale School of Medicine; surgeon; expert on Whipple procedure; clinic: pancreatic surgery; also malignant and pre-malignant tumors ronald.salem@yale.edu
Maytal Saltiel Chaplaincy, religion, travel, local hiking spots maytal.saltiel@yale.edu
Sandra Sanneh retired Yale African Languages prof; expert on Zulu; lots of work for African studies and African languages sandra.sanneh@yale.edu
Marina Santilli Law marina.santilli@yale.edu
Laurie Santos psychology, the sciene of well-being, karaoke/singalongs, Halloween laurie.santos@yale.edu
Errol C. Saunders II K-12 education, school choice, belonging in schools, urban politics, urban planning, land-use policies, New Haven, Atlantic History errol.saunders@yale.edu
Evren Savci transnational queer & feminist critique evren.savci@yale.edu
Johnny Scafidi director of programming for Dwight Hall; dedicated to public service; founded and helped many Dwight programs helping locals johnny.scafidi@yale.edu
Kyle Schack Swimming, Coaching, Armenia, small business kyle.schack@yale.edu
Michael Schaffer Real estate, History, Politics, community engagement, athletics and the arts Michael@cawhite.com
Brian Scholl Yale in psychology; chair of cognitive science program; director of perception and cognition lab brian.scholl@yale.edu
Jan Schroers Prof for School of Engineering; speciality/research interests: metallic glasses, cellular materials, combination materials science jan.schroers@yale.edu
Karen Seto urbanization, climate change, biodiversity loss, and food systems karen.seto@yale.edu
Zhong Shao prof for Comp. Sci; research: programming languages, formal methods, operating systems, & comp. security; leads FLINT group zhong.shao@yale.edu
Colin Sheenan Head Coach of Yale Men’s Golf team, named the D-1 Northeast Coach of the Year four times, studied Political Science and History in undergard colin.sheenan@yale.edu
Monty Shepardson Deputy Director Principal Gifts Development (higher education fundraising) & Director Peabody Museum Development  monty.shepardson@yale.edu
Susan Silliman Addiss Public Health, environmental health, classical music, fine dining saddiss@sbcglobal.net
Matthew Simon Biochemistry; Biophysics; Chromatin; RNA matthew.simon@yale.edu
Ronald Smith Emeritus Professor of Earth & Planetary Sciences, leads Yale’s program in mesoscale meteorology and regional climate. ronald.smith@yale.edu
Colleen Smith Assistant Coach of Yale Women’s Lacrosse colleen.smith@yale.edu
Jon Soderstrom Biotechnology, entrepreneurship, venture investing, economic development, biking and athletics jon.soderstrom@yale.edu
Mark Solomon Prof of MB&B at YSM, researches eukaryotic cell cycle at biochemical level mark.solomon@yale.edu
Rachel Sperling Library research, anthropology, environmental studies, hiking, theater rachel.sperling@yale.edu
Carla Staver Associate Prof of Ecoloy and Evolutionary Biology, Associate Director of The Yale Institute for Biospheric Studies  
Matthew Steinfeld Assistant Prof of Psychiatry, provision of psychoanalytic psychotherapy in community-based clinical contexts, classical music  
A Douglas Stone Carl A. Morse Professor of Applied Physics and Professor of Physics, optical physics and photonics, quantum computing, contributed to the introduction of ray and wave chaos concepts for the description of deformed microcavities and lasers douglas.stone@yale.edu
Catherine Suttle Cycling, Travel, Family History,Yale Athletics; (Retired Coordinator College Seminar Program) ccsuttle@gmail.com
Milan Svolik Strout Prof of Political Science, comparative politics, political economy, and formal political theory  
Hugh Taylor obstetrics, gynecology & reproductive endicrinology, research on endometriosis, uterine development, endocrine disruption & stem cells hugh.taylor@yale.edu
Alex Thomas Sr. Financial Business Systems Analyst alex.thomas@yale.edu
Ming Thompson architecture, design, graphic design, community engagement, museums ming.thompson@yale.edu
Emily Thornbury medieval studies, literature, Victorian ghost stories emily.thornbury@yale.edu
Margherita Tortora Senior Lector II in Spanish and Portuguese, founder (2015) and executive director of The Latino and Iberian Film Festival at Yale (LIFFY) margherita.tortora@yale.edu
Nick Turk-Browne Prof of Psychology, integrated understainding of mind and brain, Director of WTI nicholas.turk-browne@yale.edu
Rebecca Tynan Asociate Director of Undergarduate Admissions  
Emily Wang Professor of Medicine in department of General Medicine, Professor of Public Health in department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, incarceration, chronic health conditions, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and opioid use disorder emily.wang@yale.edu
John Wettlaufer condensed matter physics john.wettlaufer@yale.edu
Paul Whyte K-12 Education, Change Leadership, Coaching, Travel, Caribbean Culture, Culinary pwhyte@aya.yale.edu
Virginia Wilkinson History, literature, Latin America, pre college education Vtwilkinson@gmail.com
Daniel Wiznia orthopedic surgery, engineering, medical device design, health disparities, avascular necrosis daniel.wiznia@yale.edu
Joseph L. Woolston Albert J. Solnit Professor in the Child Study Center and Professor of Pediatrics, clinical program development designed to treat children and families living with significant psychosocial adversity joseph.woolston@yale.edu
Lindsay Wright Assistant Professor of Music, music historian and ethnographer, musical performance, pedagogical practices, and racialized systems of privilege in the US lindsay.wright@yale.edu
Yihong Wu Prof of S&DS, heoretical and algorithmic aspects of high-dimensional statistics, information theory, and optimization  
Yong Xiong molecular biophysics and biochemistry yong.xiong@yale.edu
Michael Zeller Prof Emeritus of Physics, international expert in experimental particle physics, devoted research into where antiparticles went, college and professional swimmer michael.zeller@yale.edu
Frederick Ziegler Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, development and use of radical reactions in organic synthesis. frederick.ziegler@yale.edu