Silliman Residential College Tutors

Writing Tutor: Elizabeth Sledge

Betsy Sledge has helped Silliman students with their writing since 1979, as one of the original cohort of tutors. She has taught English at Yale and at other universities, worked as an editor for the School of Art, and served for ten years as the Associate Head of College at another of Yale’s residential colleges. She currently acts as tutor for Directed Studies and editor for graduate students in Graphic Design.

Betsy’s office (401 SM) is in Byers above the dining hall. She welcomes you to bring in any type of writing project: course papers, articles for publication, creative writing, or applications. Over the years she has worked with hundreds of Yale students across the curriculum, many winners of big prizes and fellowships, and future professional writers.    

Office hours are Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons and by appointment at other times. To sign for an appointment, go to

Interests: dance, hiking, theater, community service, and film

Math/Science Tutor: TBD

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