Silliflicks Movie Theater

Silliflicks is Silliman’s movie and television theater. Located below Entryways C and A, Silliflicks has a giant projection-screen television, a full array of cable channels, a DVD player, a VCR, and a collection of several hundred movies. Check out Silliman’s DVD collection (PDF)! Silliflicks is available to all Silliman students.

To make a reservation, go to our Make a Reservation page and fill out the appropriate form. You will receive a confirmation within 1 business day. For reservations on weekends, the request needs to come by the close of business on Friday. You are not guaranteed the space without confirmation. Silliman spaces need to be reserved by a Silliman College resident. Our reservation coordinator will email you back to confirm if that time is available, and if so, will input your request into our calendar. 

Please check the calendar below to see if your time slot is open before you fill out the form. 

By making this request you are agreeing to the terms of use.

1. A Silliman student is responsible for the use of the space.
2. All rooms will be put back in order after use.
3. All trash will be removed and placed in a basement trash room.
4. No alcohol will be provided, served, or allowed. 
5. All proper security measures will be followed.