College Advisers

First-year Silliman College students are all assigned to a College Adviser for their first year; in subsequent years they may choose to remain with the same adviser or pursue others who may be more closely suited to their field of study. The College Advisers for the 2022-2023 year are listed below.

2022-2023 Silliman College Advisers:

Meenakshi Alreja

Psychiatry and Neuroscience
Email Meenakshi Alreja

Susie Black

Email Susie Black

Alison Clemens

Manuscripts & Archives, Yale University Library 
Email Alison Clemens

Gwyneth Crowley

Center for Science & Social Science Info.
Email Gwyneth Crowley

Alexandre Debs

Political Science
Email Alexandre Debs

Michael Faison

Email Michael Faison

Raymond Frohlich

Yale University Library - IT
Email Raymond Frohlich

Dylan Gee

Psychology and Psychiatry
Email Dylan Gee

Joel Getz

Yale School of Management
Email Joel Getz

Sergio Gonzalez

Operations Manager - Silliman College
Email Sergio Gonzalez

Abha Gupta

Email Abha Gupta

Kassandra Haro

Visitor’s Center
Email Kassandra Haro

Carla Horwitz

Child Study Center
Email Carla Horwitz

Julian Jara-Ettinger

Email Julian Jara-Ettinger

Megan Khan

Email Megan Khan

Amanda Klay

Email Amanda Klay

Peter Knudsen

Engineering and Economics
Email Peter Knudsen

Hedy Kober

Psychiatry and Psychology
Email Hedy Kober

Stephanie Lazzaro

Email Stephanie Lazzaro

Rosamaria Leon

Spanish & Portuguese
Email Rosamaria Leon

Samuel McDougle

Email Samuel McDougle

Meredith Mira

Center for International and Professional Experience
Email Meredith Mira

Asia Neupane

The MacMillian Center
Email Asia Neupane

Stefan Nicolescu

Peabody Museum of Natural History
Email Stefan Nicolescu

Alan Plattus

Email Alan Plattus

Patricia Preisig

Medicine (Nephrology) and Cellular & Molecular Physiology
Email Patricia Preisig

David Reynolds

Physics, Political Science, and Law
Email David Reynolds

Elihu (Hugh) Robertson

Email Elihu (Hugh) Robertson

Maytal Saltiel

University Chaplain’s Office
Email Maytal Saltiel

Errol Saunders

Political Science, History, and Teaching
Email Errol Saunders

Kyle Schack

Swimming and Diving Assoc. Coach
Email Kyle Schack

Michael Schaffer

History and Business
Email Michael Schaffer

William Segraves

Provost Office
Email William Segraves

Colleen Smith

Women’s Lacrosse Assistant Coach
Email Colleen Smith

Rachel Sperling

Librarian of Environmental Studies
Email Rachel Sperling

Margherita Tortora

Spanish and Portuguese
Email Margherita Tortora

Rebecca Tynan

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Email Rebecca Tynan

Daniel Wiznia

Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation
Email Daniel Wiznia

Anna Zayaruzny

Email Anna Zayaruzny