College Advisers

First-year Silliman College students are all assigned to a College Adviser for their first year; in subsequent years they may choose to remain with the same adviser or pursue others who may be more closely suited to their field of study. The College Advisers for the 2018-2019 year are listed below.

2018-19 Silliman College Advisers:

Alex Allouche

Yale Athletics
Email Alex Allouche

Meenakshi Alreja

Psychiatry and Neuroscience
Email Meenakshi Alreja

Arielle Baskin-Sommers

Psychology and Psychiatry
Email Arielle Baskin-Sommers

Susie Black

Office of Development
Email Susie Black

Alison Clemens

Yale University Library - Manuscripts & Archives
Email Alison Clemens

Gwyneth Crowley

Center for Science & Social Science Info.
Email Gwyneth Crowley

Alexandre Debs

Political Science
Email Alexandre Debs

Sabrina Diano

Ob/Gyn and Reproductive Services
Email Sabrina Diano

Hugh Flick

Religious Studies and South Asia Studies
Email Hugh Flick

Raymond Frohlich

Yale University Library - IT
Email Raymond Frohlich

Abha Gupta

Email Abha Gupta

Carla Horwitz

Child Study Center
Email Carla Horwitz

Julian Jara-Ettinger

Email Julian Jara-Ettinger

Amin Karbasi

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Email Amin Karbasi

Seema Khurana

South Asian Studies
Email Seema Khurana

Amanda Klay

School of Management
Email Amanda Klay

Hedy Kober

Psychiatry and Psychology
Email Hedy Kober

Helene Landemore-Jelaca

Political Science
Email Helene Landemore-Jelaca

Shane Lloyd

Afro-American Cultural Center
Email Shane Lloyd

Elizabeth Luoma

Center for Teaching and Learning
Email Elizabeth Luoma

Mark Maxwell

Philosophy; Associate Head of Silliman College
Email Mark Maxwell

Joy McGrath

Office of the President
Email Joy McGrath

Asia Neupane

The MacMillan Center
Email Asia Neupane

Stefan Nicolescu

Peabody Museum of Natural History
Email Stefan Nicolescu

Patricia Preisig

Medicine (Nephrology) and Cellular & Molecular Physiology
Email Patricia Preisig

Elihu (Hugh) Robertson

Email Elihu (Hugh) Robertson

Laurie Santos

Psychology; Head of Silliman College
Email Laurie Santos

Brian Scholl

Email Brian Scholl

William Segraves

Provost Office
Email William Segraves

Adam Sexton

Email Adam Sexton

A. Douglas Stone

Email A. Douglas Stone

Ming Thompson

Art, Architecture, Design, and Art History
Email Ming Thompson

Margherita Tortora

Spanish and Portuguese
Email Margherita Tortora

Rebecca Tynan

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Email Rebecca Tynan

Virginia Wilkinson

Email Virginia Wilkinson

Daniel Wiznia

Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation
Email Daniel Wiznia