Recording Studio

sound studioWelcome to the Lumry-Wengerd Studio at Silliman College.  Please read the following information carefully.


Email ( & with a brief description of the recording project, the date(s) and approximate recording time you would like to book.  

A coordinator will email you back to confirm if that time is available. Additionally, the coordinator will schedule a preliminary appointment in advance of the recording session to discuss your project, equipment training and any associated fees.

Reservation Guidelines:

  • 6 hours per day maximum
  • 20 hours per week maximum
  • Cleanup time must be included in reservation time
  • One week cancellation notice is mandatory
  • Reservations cannot be made for a future semester (e.g. in Spring 2022, you cannot reserve for Fall 2022)
  • Only available to Yale students and affiliates

Fees (effective Fall 2021):

  • 20 hours free
  • $100 flat fee to exceed 20 hours in the semester
  • $10 cleaning fee

The following checklist must be completed at the end of each reservation to void the cleaning fee:

  • All microphones and cables stored in proper boxes
  • Drum set fully assembled
  • Amps, red monitor boxes and stands returned to the sides of the room
  • All trash removed from rooms (trash room is just down the hallway)
  • Computer, rack and lights turned off
  • Patch cables unplugged


Lachlan Keller

Curtis Sun

Michael Lee

Chloe Hong

Jakob Barton

Elka Wade