Head of College’s Teas

Silliman College Teas:  Spring 2023

Monday February 27th at 4:30pm: Dave Jorgenson, a senior video reporter leading the Washington Post TikTok Team. The account has over 1.4 million followers (I hear that is a lot!). The Atlantic described the account as “self-aware, slapstick, and slightly cringey—a parade of pets, stunts, and workplace humor, often set to blaring pop music and shot through with a winking sense of humor about the very fact that a 142-year-old newspaper is even on here in the first place”.

Wednesday March 29th at 4:30pm: Corey Powell, a science writer and journalist. He was the editor-in-chief at Discover and American Scientist magazines, writes/produces science TV shows, writes books & co-hosts a podcast with Bill Nye (the Science Guy) (yours truly was interviewed on the podcast!). He recently launched a new online magazine, OpenMind, and currently is producing Bill Nye’s new show The End is Nye.

Wednesday April 12th at 4:30pm: Elias Weiss Friedman, founder and creative director of The Dogist, a blog and social media phenomenon about dogs! Elias has photographed over 50,000 dogs across the world, authored a NYT Bestselling book, and gathered an audience of over 4.7 million people on social platforms. This tea will be co-hosted by Handsome Dan.