Head of College’s Teas

Silliman College Teas:  Fall 2022

Wednesday October 26th at 4pm: Will Schwalbe, book editor at Macmillan Publishers and author (and a Yale alum!). Mr. Schwalbe will speak with us about his professional journey from Yale and beyond. He also will talk about his new book titled “We Should Not Be Friends” about the unlikely friendship he formed at Yale.

Thursday November 3rd at 4:30pm: Neftalie Williams, sociologist and USC Provost’s Post-Doctoral Scholar at the Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism and Yale Schwarzman Center’s Visiting Fellow in Race, Culture & Community. Dr. Williams investigates global issues of race, diversity, identity, and youth empowerment, using the lens of skateboarding and action sports culture.

Wednesday November 9th at 4:30pm: Essi Viding, developmental psychologist and Fellow of the British Academy. Dr. Viding uses cross-disciplinary approaches to study child and adolescent mental health. Her research has been critical in getting children who engage in antisocial behavior recognized in diagnostic schemes and her insights have been translated into policy-based and individualized interventions.