Intramurals (IMs)

Silliman was a THREE TIME TYng Cup Champion (2006, 2007, 2008)! Help Silliman take back the Tyng this year! Get in touch with the secretaries and try to play at least one sport each season. Play Soccer against Pierson or inner tube water polo against JE! All students - regardless of ability - are invited to defend the Silliman banner against other colleges in intramural competitions. The college that scores the most points in intramural competition is awarded the prestigious Tyng Cup. You don’t have to know how to play: we will explain the rules of the game to you, so don’t be shy! It’s a wonderful opportunity to have fun and meet people and take a break from studying. Check the IM white board in Byers Hall for announcements and schedules, and to see which sports are in season.

Fall Sports:  tennis, golf, football, cross-country, and ping pong.

Winter Sports:  volleyball, soccer, basketball, broomball, inner-tube water polo, and squash.

Spring Sports:  softball, dodgeball, soccer, badminton, and spike ball.

Look for Fall IM signups early September!

The IM Team

Blaise Fangman

Blaise is a sophomore from near Masonville, IA whose favorite IM sport is broomball because he enjoys sliding around on ice and crashing into people. He believes the two essential preparations for any IM match are running to East Rock while listening to “Holding Out for a Hero” and convincing all of your friends to also ignore their homework and play IMs. Outside of Silliman, Blaise is technically a member of Yale’s club Squash team; however, he has only ever beaten Jackson. Blaise is excited to continue bonding with his fellow Sillimanders while celebrating their countless victories over TD, and he is always willing to stop and chat so make sure to greet him if you see him around!

Jackson Kuller

Jackson is a sophomore from the great city of Atlanta. An Econ Major, you can usually find him cramming for exams in the buttery or crushing it in IM Ping Pong. He is also a proud bottom rung on the Club Squash ladder, and carries this love for casual sports with him wherever he goes. If you see him around campus, you should probably turn and run.

Cory Zhou

Cory is a junior from Long Island, New York studying Statistics and Data Science. He is not athletic at all; he failed to make almost every sports team in middle and high school, but his claim to fame was making it to the second round of his high school county badminton tournament his junior year. He also plays on the walk-on club Spikeball team at Yale, though he is definitely the worst one on the team. Nevertheless, Cory loves Silliman, he loves IM’s, and he loves spreading his love for both of those to everyone he meets. He is super excited to help lead Silliman to the Tyng this year!

Maciej Zielonka

Maciej is a junior from Brooklyn, but he’s always regarded the Sillidome as his second home. He firmly believes that IMs are the cornerstone of Yale’s community, and as a result, students should be offered academic credit for IM participation. In the most important events in his life, “The First Time I Donned a Silliman IM Shirt” is ranked number 4. Feel free to stop him anywhere on campus to talk about Computer Science, Club Soccer, or just simply to say hi.