Silliman is constantly improving its facilities and after our recent renovations, Silliman now has some of the best. The Head of College works closely with students to determine how to make Silliman even better. We’re eager to hear your ideas! Most of the facilities and activities in Silliman are coordinated and organized by students, and you’re encouraged to get involved in as many ways as you can. Just remember to be respectful of the guidelines for the space.

By making a request to use Silliman spaces you are agreeing to the terms of use.
  1. All rooms will be put back in order after use.
  2. All trash will be removed and placed in a basement trash room.
  3. No alcohol will be provided, served, or allowed. 
  4. All proper security measures will be followed.
Please fill out the respective forms for each space to request a reservation (see Make a Reservation).