College Aides

College Aides 2018-2019

Fatima Abaroa, ‘20

Entering her junior year, Fatima is a Psychology major from Miami who recently learned who Childish Gambino is and has to admit, she is quite a fan. If she is not in her bed watching Netflix, she is probably watching Hulu. Not only is she a proud Sillimander, IM enthusiast, SAAC secretary, and occasional Silliman mascot, but she once got a “most improved” trophy in her middle school soccer team that she is very proud of. This year she hopes to accomplish her goal of rapping Nicki Minaj’s verse in “Monster” in hopes of finally impressing her parents. She is very excited to have a job with a  30 second commute this year!

Jyot Batra, ‘21

Jyot is a sophomore from Atlanta, Georgia prospectively majoring in Political Science. He is excited to continue his tenure as a College Aide and grateful to be the Co-President of the Silliman Activities and Administrative Committee (SAAC) for the year. You can usually find him acting like he’s studying in The Acorn, trying to get Walter the Sillidog to like him, eating three meals a day in the Silliman dining hall, or in the SAAC room at 10 PM every Monday (free food and drinks plus great citizenship at the best college). Outside of Silliman, he is actively involved in the Yale Political Union, heads the Sikhs of Yale, and engages in progressive politics. If you ever have a question about Silliman or just want to strike conversation, please don’t hesitate to approach Jyot! He probably is procrastinating anyway.

Joe Brownsberger, ‘21

Joseph is a sophomore from Missouri majoring (probably) in Physics and Philosophy. He is an active member of the Yale Political Union as well as Choose Life at Yale, and he loves having deep late-night talks with friends – people get pretty philosophical around 2:00 am. In his free time he likes hanging around Silliman, and if you don’t find him in a hammock there, book in hand, you might try the Silliman IM games or the Acorn coffee shop, where he works as a barista.

Shannoni Cirilli, ‘19


Prisca Dognon, ‘20


Leo Gomez, ‘19

Leo is a senior from New Rochelle, New York majoring in Computer Science. He’s the former business manager for the Baker’s Dozen, volunteers at local middle schools for MathCounts, and is the president of the C2 men’s club soccer team. After a year away from Silliman, he’s so excited to be back this year, and you can find him lounging out in the courtyard, doing work - or at least pretending to - in the Acorn and Buttery, in the music practice rooms, or at any of the Silliman IM soccer games.


Ipsitaa Khullar, ‘19

Raised in multiple cities, Ipsitaa is a senior double majoring in Economics and Psychology, whose most recent hometown is Chandigarh, India. You can find her working on papers in the Silliman Common Room in the wee hours of the morning, dancing in the Silliman Dance Studio, grabbing (way too many) cups of coffee from the dining hall, and using the Silligym at the most random times. Ask her about participating in South Asian events and culture on campus, double majoring, behavioral and social science research, or performing arts opportunities on campus.

Julianna Lai, ‘21

A sophomore from sunny Southern California, Julianna can’t decide if she’s a bigger fan of Silliman or the Lakers. If she’s not napping, singing with the Glee Club, reporting for a campus publication, hitting up New Haven coffee shops and farmers markets, looking for live music, or in an anthropology or history class, she’s probably in the Sillidome.

Emily Locke, ‘19


Shelby Redman, ‘19

Shelby is a senior from Austin, Texas majoring in the history of science, medicine, and public health. On campus, she is involved with UAID and MedX, volunteers at the Haven Free Clinic, and does gynecology research. Also, every now and then you can see her illustrations in the Yale Herald. She enjoys baking in the Sillikitchen and using up the supplies in the art room, but scaring people in the Silliman Haunted House is probably her favorite activity in Silliman! A few of her other favorite things are writing, cats, bagels, dancing, horror movies, and spicy food.

Katie Schlick, ‘21

Katie grew up very far away from Yale, in the exotic land of Wallingford, Connecticut–a wild twenty minute drive away. She is a sophomore planning to major in Environmental Studies, and she hopes to pursue the field of environmental law. An avid recycler and solar panel-lover, Katie is the president of solar energy group Project Bright, as well as secretary of the Yale Student Environmental Coalition and co-editor-in-chief of City Atlas: New Haven, an environmental news site. She also serves on Silliman’s Housing Committee. Katie loves reading, cooking, music, and feminism

Cami Tori, ‘21

Camila is a sophomore in Silliman College interested in majoring in Global Affairs and Economics. She loves Silliman (the best college) and is very involved in Silliman IM’s, works as a CCE (Communication and Consent Educator), and can be seen hanging out with her suitemates in the courtyard. Outside of Silliman, she’s the president of the Colombian Club, the secretary of Club Swimming, and is also a member of the Argentine Club. She is very excited to work as an Aide next year!