College Aides

College Aides 2019-2020

Samir Al-Ali, ‘21

Samir (rhymes with “hammer”) is a junior in Silliman. He was born and raised in the great city of Chicago. He’s studying Classics and E&EB, and is especially excited about Latin etymology and frog genetics. Two of his favorite places on campus are the Acorn and the musalla (prayer space in Bingham D). He comes from a big family and loves talking about his nieces. In his free time, Samir enjoys basketball, puns, frisbee, rap, chocolate, and helping others. He’s so happy to be working as an Aide and is always open to thoughts/ideas on how to make this community better for all of us!

Jyot Batra, ‘21

Jyot is a junior from Atlanta, GA majoring in Global Affairs. Outside of class, he is actively involved in the Silliman College community by being a Head of College Aide and was the 2018-2019 President of the Silliman Activities and Administrative Committee (SAAC). You can usually find him acting like he’s studying in The Acorn, trying to get Walter the Sillidog to like him, or eating in the Silliman dining hall. Jyot is also actively involved in the Sikhs of Yale and engages in progressive politics. If you ever want to strike a conversation, please don’t hesitate to approach Jyot! He probably is procrastinating anyway.

Joe Brownsberger, ‘21

A junior from Texas, Joe plans on majoring in Physics & Philosophy, or, as it is affectionately known, “Physosophy.” He serves as Vice President of the Thomistic Institute at Yale and is an active member of the Federalist Party of the Yale Political Union as well as Choose Life at Yale and the St. Thomas More community. Joe enjoys exploring New Haven and is an avid Italophile—get him started on Dante or Aquinas and he may never stop. The family he leaves at home is only slightly smaller than his Silliman family, and with this latter he loves chatting in the dining hall, caffeinating at the Acorn, or scoring the occasional Broomball goal. He is looking forward to taking up his place once again behind the College Aide desk this year.

Renee Dauerman, ‘22

Renee is a sophomore from Vermont planning to major in History. She is beyond excited to be a college aide and VP of the Silliman Activities and Administrative Council (SAAC) for the year. When she’s not eating “Nutella-dillas” in the Silliman buttery, making Nutella sandwiches in the Silliman dining hall, or just daydreaming about Nutella in the Silliman courtyard, she’s leading Shabbat services at the Slifka Center and writing testimony with the Yale College Democrats. She also loves ~Vermont things~ like hiking, ice skating, and working on local farms as a Harvest pre-orientation trip leader.

Kenia Hale, ‘21

Kenia Hale is a junior double majoring in Computing and the Arts (with an Architecture concentration) and Ethnicity, Race, and Migration. She’s interested in Environmental Justice, and specifically in green architecture, urban green space, and in urban farming. On campus she’s co-president of the Urban Improvement Corps (organization that pairs undergraduates with local New Haven students to foster one on one tutoring and mentoring relationships), and is involved with culinary and educational programming on the Yale Farm. She occasionally sends out fire spotify playlists and loves her friends dearly <3


Charlie Loitman, ‘22

A sophomore from St. Louis, Missouri, Charlie is probably majoring in mechanical engineering. He loves Silliman and competing for the college to win the Tyng, as well as participating in a couple dance groups on campus, doing pottery in Hopper (an inferior college), and attending meetings with the Yale Entrepreneurial Society. When he not in his room doing homework or doing any of these activities, he is probably getting an MRI, as he is addicted to paid studies.


Laura Padilla Castellanos, ‘22

Laura is a sophomore in Silliman College (Go Sillimanders!) interested in majoring in History and ER&M. She loves to relax with her friends in Silliman’a humongous courtyard on sunny afternoons and to play ping pong in the Buttery.  She’s involved in the Silliman Activities and Administrative Committee (SAAC) as Merchandise Master. Outside of Silliman she is the co-captain of the Yale Waterpolo team, the secretary of Latina Women at Yale (LWAY), part of the STM Undergrads, and a lifeguard at Payne Whitney. She super excited to be one of Silliman’s new college aides!

Katie Schlick, ‘22

Katie is a junior Environmental Studies major from Wallingford, Connecticut. An avid recycler and solar panel-lover, Katie is a co-president of solar energy group Project Bright and of the Yale Student Environmental Coalition. She’s also a part of Camp Kesem, serves on Silliman’s Housing Committee, and is excited to work as Silliman’s new sustainability aide (and as a returning HoC aide)!

Isaac Spanjer, ‘22


Camila Toro, ‘21

Cami is a junior in Silliman College majoring in Global Affairs. She loves Silliman (the best college) and is very involved in Silliman IM’s, works as a CCE (Communication and Consent Educator), and can be seen hanging out with her suitemates in the courtyard or playing with Elaine’s dogs. Outside of Silliman, she’s the president of the Colombian Club, a member of Club Swimming, and is the Social Chair of the Argentine Club. She is very excited to continue working as an Aide next year!