Education at Yale takes place far beyond the classroom, laboratory, and library. There are many funding opportunities at Yale for currently enrolled students. Some options are guaranteed for students who receive Yale Financial Aid and others are merit-based grants. There are also opportunities to receive much-needed financial support during challenging times.

The student grant database can be found here.

Students who want to keep up to date with the Fellowships Calendar can subscribe in Yale Connect: here.

For students applying to multiple grants within Silliman, you will ONLY hear about funded grants.  You will receive an email from the HoC office for Silliman-managed grants and from the Department/Fellowships office for outside Silliman grants. You are unlikely to receive a rejection notice if you have been funded through another grant. The University limits how much funding students can have for the same project.  

Creative and Performing Arts Award (CPA Award)

Administered by the Council of Heads of College, the Creative and Performing Arts Awards support on-campus dramatic, musical, dance, video or film productions, literary publications, and exhibitions in each residential college. Productions should be held within the residential colleges; if that is not possible, productions must take place on campus.The Council of Heads of College has an online application process for the Creative and Performing Arts (CPA) Awards in the residential colleges at http://creativeandperformingarts.yale.edu/ There you will find application and award guidelines. As in the past, successful proposals should have strong connections with the residential colleges, and the Treasurer of each project must be a member of the sponsoring college. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with the Heads prior to submitting applications for CPA awards.

Mellon Research Grant

A limited number of Mellon Forum Research Grants are available for Silliman seniors to pursue research during the academic year under the supervisor of a member of the Yale faculty. If awarded a grant, you are required to report on the results of your research either to the Mellon Forum or to another education forum in the College. In addition, you must submit to the Head’s Office a written report on the work made possible because of the grant awarded.

Richter Summer Fellowship

Richter Summer Fellowship is an award for the independent study and research, not for mere travel, work or enrollment in a school. An internship is a valid use only if the primary component is study or research, being part of a research team is a valid use.

Items required: completed application, one-page proposal detailing your research project, and a copy of your registration cover sheet from the Student Grant database. You should submit all items electronically on the Yale Student Grants and Fellowship site. Student must also sign and submit the Assumption of Risk Waiver Form for any international travel. International students make sure your paperwork is completed through Daysi Cardona in the Tax Department at (203) 432-5530 so that your check is not delayed. Students who are awarded fellowships will be expected to submit a brief written report to the Council of Heads of College at the beginning of the fall term.

Additional Summer Fellowships

The Howard Topol Roberts, The Silliman Sherwood, and the George Shultz are additional grants available for summer research travel and fellowships.  The on-line application for these Silliman College Research Grants and their guidelines are available on the Yale Student Grants and Fellowship site.

International Study Award (ISA)

What is it? The International Study Award (ISA), funded in part by donors, provides a stipend for one summer experience abroad for eligible students receiving a Yale scholarship. For summer 2023, ISA-eligible students could receive up to $16,100 in ISA funding for eligible programs, proportional to their need and the cost of the program. Yale offers a number of its own summer and year or term abroad courses which can be found in the study abroad database. Students needing work or study visas, outside a Yale Study Abroad Program, should contact CIBT, a Yale-preferred visa processing service, which offers a discount for Yale students. The ISA may cover passport fees and other documentation needed for students to travel abroad.  

Who is eligible? First-year students, sophomores, or juniors in Yale College who receive Financial Aid

How to apply for funding: Before eligible students can request an ISA, they must first submit an application for the intended summer study abroad program(s) by the relevant deadlines. After being admitted or receiving approval for their summer study abroad program, students will have access to the (ISA) International Study Award request form as one of the required pre-departure forms in their study abroad account.

Summer Experience Award (SEA)

What is it? The Summer Experience Award, another gift-funded program, provides a stipend for either a domestic or international opportunity to Yale College first-years, sophomores, and juniors on Yale financial aid. These experiences include unpaid or underfunded ($2,000 or less) summer opportunities in one of the following areas: a 501(c)(3) non-profit including non-profit universities; a government entity including public universities; a non-governmental organization (NGO); an arts apprenticeship; or a science, laboratory, or other research position. Stipends are awarded in amounts of $4,000 for domestic opportunities and $6,000 for international opportunities.

Who is eligible? First-year students, sophomores, or juniors in Yale College who receive Financial Aid and have not previously used their SEA.

How to apply for funding: Interested students should log in through Yale Career Link Account, choose “Professional Experience” and then add “Add New Experience.” With questions, students can email sea@yale.edu. With relevant information and dates for 2024, students can visit the OCS website.

The Science, Technology, and Research Scholars Program (STARS)

What is it? The Science, Technology and Research Scholars (STARS) Program, administered by the Yale College Dean’s Office, is designed to support women, minorities, economically underprivileged, and other historically underrepresented students in the sciences, engineering, and mathematics. Through the generosity of Yale donors, the STARS program provides undergraduates an opportunity to combine course-based study, research, mentorship, networking, and career planning in the fields of science and technology. The program seeks to improve student performance and persistence rates in all STEM disciplines.

Who is eligible? Yale College students (application process required).

There are currently three components to the STARS Program:  STARS Summer and STARS II have research funding available, but students must complete STARS I to be eligible.

« The STARS I Program provides seminars, networking, mentorship, and professional development tailored for first-year undergraduates.

« The STARS Summer Research Program combines individual on-campus research with academic support and course credit.

« The STARS II Program supports individual student research beginning in the fall semester of the junior year, through the following summer, and both semesters of the senior year.

How to apply for funding: Students should connect with Donalee Slater at donalee.slater@yale.edu with any application questions.

Merit-Based Fellowships

What is it? The Office of Fellowships offers several subject and concentration-specific summer fellowships. Fellowships typically support purposeful activities that play into students’ academic or career goals such as internships, research, public service projects, and language learning. The Student Grants Database is home to all of the fellowship opportunities that may match the project a student is looking to undertake. The Office of Fellowships offers many in-person information sessions and workshops throughout the academic year and their website has several online information sessions and workshops available. The Office of Fellowships also offers advising for students who have more questions or need specific guidance on the application process. In addition, students can sign up for a 15-minute general advising appointment or a 30-minute appointment with an advisor.

Who is eligible? Yale College fellowships have eligibility requirements as they are funded through the generosity of donors who would like to provide Yale undergraduates with the opportunity to undertake a specific activity or have an experience in a specific region or country. The eligibility requirements of the fellowship competitions therefore reflect preferences expressed by the donor or support activities or experiences that hold some personal interest or meaning for the donor.

First-semester seniors can apply for summer fellowships as long as they will have matriculated at Yale in either the fall or spring following the summer experience. There are also many fellowships available to support research, language learning, or further study after graduation. Students can learn more by searching the Student Grants Database.

Who is eligible? All students

How to apply for funding: Visit this site here.

Office of Career Strategy (OCS) Professional Development Reimbursement

What is it? OCS offers a reimbursement program for Yale juniors and seniors to help offset the costs associated with career related engagements, conferences, and travel for interviews/ auditions. Air travel, ground transportation (i.e. subway, bus, shuttle, or taxi fares), car rental, parking fees, tolls, person vehicle gas mileage costs, and other career-related engagements can be reimbursed. Food purchases are not eligible for reimbursement.

Who is eligible? Yale College juniors and seniors

How to apply for funding:

1.    Log into ocs.yale.edu with your NetID

2.    Go to the Reimbursement Form and Complete All Sections (You must be logged in to access this form)

Visit the Professional Development Reimbursement Page of the OCS website for more details.

Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking

What is it? The Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale (Tsai CITY) serves students from across Yale’s campus through programs, funding, and mentoring. Students from all backgrounds tackle issues like climate change and civic engagement, develop creative projects from documentary films to digital platforms, and launch high-growth ventures and movements.

Who is eligible? All students

How to apply for funding: Students can visit the Tsai CITY funding page.

Current funding opportunities for students:

·      Startup Yale Prizes

·      Student Ecosystem Fund

·      Student Exploration Fund

·      Student Milstone Fund

Arts Materials Fund

What is it? Many art courses at Yale have costs associated with materials or equipment, which prohibits some students from participating. The Dean of Arts in Yale College has access to a fund provided by a generous donor that will help students with materials required for these courses.

Who is eligible? Yale College students who are enrolled in arts courses.

How to apply for funding: Students should contact kate.krier@yale.edu with request for support of specific supply needs.

Travel Costs for Faculty Led Ensembles

What is it? Students who need funding support for tour costs, purchasing specialized and required concert attire, renting instruments to perform in an ensemble, purchasing instrumental accoutrements (reeds, valve oil, rosin, strings, sticks), purchase of music or other materials required for music lessons, or social dues, costs for field trips or other ensemble costs can be supported by a travel fund for faculty led ensembles.

Who is eligible? Yale College students who are enrolled in faculty led ensembles who have demonstrated need.

How to apply for funding: Students should contact the leader of their ensemble with requests for support.

Yale College Safety Net

What is it? Yale College Safety Net is supported by donor funded gifts designed to assist high-need students with emergency expenses that fall outside of the standard Unbilled Expenses/Student Share and other parts of the Cost of Attendance.

Yale College Safety Net offers assistance in several areas, including but not limited to winter clothing, computers and technology, emergency travel costs in the event of bereavement or illness, course-based travel, and emergency medical expenses beyond insurance coverage for high-need students.

Who is eligible? All currently enrolled high-need Yale College students experiencing financial hardship.

How to apply for funding: Students can visit the application page

What does Safety Net cover?

  • Winter clothing
  • Emergency medical/ insurance
  • Commencement support for graduating seniors
  • Technology
  • Emergency travel/ bereavement
  • Books and academic supplies
  • Other (non-essential, non-emergency travel cannot be considered)


OISS Support for Visas

What is it? The Office of International Students & Scholars (OISS) supports admitted students living outside of the United States apply for an F-1 or J-1 student visa.

Who is eligible? Undergraduate international students with high need who do not receive a student visa sufficiently long enough in duration to cover their four years of study at Yale. Support is available for fees associated with visa renewal only, not for initial visa applications.

How to apply for funding: Students should email their designated OISS adviser Daniel Riecker with questions.