Creative and Performing Arts Award (CPA Award)

Award Amount: varies by project

Administered by the Council of Heads of College, the Creative and Performing Arts Awards support on-campus dramatic, musical, dance, video or film productions, literary publications, and exhibitions in each residential college. Productions should be held within the residential colleges; if that is not possible, productions must take place on campus.

The Council of Heads of College has an online application process for the Creative and Performing Arts (CPA) Awards in the residential colleges at http://creativeandperformingarts.yale.edu/ There you will find application and award guidelines. As in the past, successful proposals should have strong connections with the residential colleges, and the Treasurer of each project must be a member of the sponsoring college. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with the Heads prior to submitting applications for CPA awards.

Richter Summer Fellowship

Richter Summer Fellowship is an award for the independent study and research, not for mere travel, work or enrollment in a school. An internship is a valid use only if the primary component is study or research, being part of a research team is a valid use.

Items required: completed application, one-page proposal detailing your research project, and a copy of your registration cover sheet from the Student Grant database. You should submit all items electronically on the Yale Student Grants and Fellowship site. Student must also sign and submit the Assumption of Risk Waiver Form for any international travel. International students make sure your paperwork is completed through Daysi Cardona in the Tax Department at (203) 432-5530 so that your check is not delayed.

Students who are awarded fellowships will be expected to submit a brief written report to the Council of Heads of College at the beginning of the fall term.

Mellon Research Grant

A limited number of Mellon Forum Research Grants are available for Silliman seniors to pursue research during the academic year under the supervisor of a member of the Yale faculty. If awarded a grant, you are required to report on the results of your research either to the Mellon Forum or to another education forum in the College. In addition, you must submit to the Head’s Office a written report on the work made possible because of the grant awarded.

Additional Summer Fellowships:

The Howard Topol Roberts, The Silliman Sherwood, and the George Shultz are additional grants available for summer research travel and fellowships.  The on-line application for these Silliman College Research Grants and their guidelines are available on the Yale Student Grants and Fellowship site.