Student Kitchen

Have you had the urge to try a new recipe? Do you want to impress your friends with your cooking? Or, just whip up a batch of cookies? Silliman hosts one of the nicest student kitchens located next door to the laundry room. The student kitchen has all of the appliances, cooking staples and serving dishes that you would find in your own home.

Student Kitchen Policies & Information

· The student kitchen is for the Silliman community only.  Silliman students are the only students who can reserve the student kitchen.

· NO alcoholic beverages in the student kitchen.

· Classes and organizations are not allowed to use the student kitchen.

· No left overs left behind.

· Handle basic supplies on hand with care.

· Do NOT remove any cookware, dishware, glassware, or silverware from the kitchen.

WASH, DRY and STOW away all dishes before you leave.

· Wipe down counters and cooking surfaces, including the sink, the stovetop, and the table.

· Sweep the floor.

· Be sure all electrical appliances are turned off.

· Be sure the windows are closed.

· Please leave the student kitchen cleaner than you found it.

· Failure to respect the student kitchen policies can result in loss of your student kitchen privileges for the academic year.

How to Make a Reservation

To use the student kitchen you need to contact the Silliman HoC office at .  Please include STUDENT KITCHEN RESERVATION in the subject line of your email.   To see if your requested time is available, check the calendar below.