Art Studio

The Art Studio, located in the basement of Entryway A, is a fully stocked art space which is also doubles as our book bindery.  The art room is typically open for usage through the academic year, no key required, and Silliman residents are encouraged to use the space if and when.  Through the term we typically host events in this space from book binding nights to Bob Ross paint a longs to paint and sip events for our Senior students.   

For questions about supplies email  To make a reservation, go to our Make a Reservation page and fill out the appropriate form. 

By making this request you are agreeing to the terms of use.
1. A Silliman student is responsible for the use of the space.
2. All rooms will be put back in order after use.
3. All trash will be removed and placed in a basement trash room.
4. No alcohol will be provided, served, or allowed. 
5. All proper security measures will be followed.