Silliman College

2021-2022 Housing Procedures, Rules and Schedule

Housing Lottery: Stay tuned for any changes!

*Group formation will open in Vesta after Spring break. The Housing Committee will send an email as soon as it becomes available.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021:

             All senior and sophomore groups must be finalized in Vesta by 12:00pm.

            All senior and sophomore groups will be locked in Vesta at 2:00pm.

            Oversubscription lottery will be held at 8:00pm.          

Thursday, April 22, 2021:

            Senior Housing Draw and Room Choice, 8pm. Location: Zoom

            Sophomore Housing Draw and Room Choice, 8:45pm. Location: Zoom

Monday, April 26, 2020:

             All junior groups must be finalized in Vesta by 12:00pm.

            All junior groups will be locked in Vesta by 2:00pm.

            Oversubscription lottery will be held at 8:00pm.

Tuesday, April 27, 2020:

            Junior Housing Draw and Room Choice, 8pm. Location: Zoom

Group formation: prior to the housing draw, housing groups will be formed in Vesta and overseen by the Housing Committee.

Oversubscription: all oversubscription will be handled through a separate lottery in advance of the housing draw, and the Housing Committee will notify oversubscribed groups of the procedures ahead of time.


Class of 2022

Riley Bird
Katie Schlick

Class of 2023

Alicia Alonso
Marvin Durogene

Class of 2024

Eileen Peng
Madelyn Stewart
Emily Zenner

In Silliman, the Dean is responsible for all housing assignments. Room allocation is implemented by the Housing Committee, which is composed of the Dean, the Dean’s AA, and at least two permanent representatives from each class. The committee affords its members no special privileges. All housing concerns should be addressed to a member of the Housing Committee. The Committee will respect confidential communications.


All rising juniors and seniors in Silliman are expected to opt in or out of the housing lottery by Friday, April 1, 2021, in Vesta. Note that all sophomores must live on campus, unless they are married, over 21 years of age, or are a member of the original class of 2023.

*Students failing to attend their housing draw will draw last in their class lottery.

Proxies. If a group leader cannot attend a lottery, they must request to change their group leader in Vesta to someone who can attend the lottery or submit to the Dean’s Office a signed proxy form in advance of the housing draw nominating a specific individual as their representative. 


All special accommodations require the approval of the relevant department (i.e. Student Accessibility Services or the Chaplain’s Office), and this approval must be received by the Dean at least two weeks in advance of the housing draw. The Dean’s Office does not guarantee any special arrangements. Examples of special requests include:

  • Medical singles for cases in which a specific disability requires that a student reside in a particular type of room or suite. Such cases require a physician’s certification.
  • Single-sex bathrooms for religious reasons.


Lotteries determine the order in which students pick their rooms. The Housing Committee conducts the lottery by randomly assigning groups a number in Vesta. At least one member of each housing group must be present at the Housing Lottery when numbers are drawn, and rooms are chosen. There are separate lotteries for the sophomore, junior, and senior classes.


Spring Term Housing Only. Requests for second-semester housing for students who will be abroad or on leave in the fall must be submitted by November 30.  Every attempt will be made to accommodate returning students seeking second-semester housing, but housing cannot be guaranteed.

Away in the Fall Term.  Students who will be away from Yale in the fall term (e.g. junior term abroad, leave of absence, etc.) may not draw a room for the following year.  When they return to campus, if they request a room, it will be assigned on the basis of availability.

Class Definitions: Sophomore/Junior/Senior.  Students who took a leave of absence in the 2020-2021 academic year will be given the option of entering the housing draw that corresponds with their original class year. Because of the limitations of Silliman’s housing stock and out of fairness to all students, we are only able to allow students to enter the Rising Senior housing draw once. Students that opt into Rising Senior draw prior to their final year of enrollment will not be guaranteed a spot in the Rising Senior draw again.

Original Class Year:

2022 – Rising Senior housing draw

2023 – Rising Junior housing draw

2024 – Rising Sophomore housing draw

Students will have until Wednesday, April 7th to confirm which housing draw they will participate in and all decisions are final.

Acceleration and Withdrawals.  Acceleration does not affect class status for purposes of housing.  Students participate in the lottery of their original entering class. No student who is currently withdrawn from Yale may participate in a lottery even though he or she anticipates readmission in the upcoming fall term.


Lottery Groups.  Housing groups (as indicated on Vesta) will serve as the lottery ticket in the random determination of draw order. If any of the people in your housing group change or drop out after the deadline, the Housing Committee reserves the right to take appropriate action (e.g., assigning students to the room or giving the suite last pick in the draw.). Late applicants automatically get last pick in their respective lotteries.

Lotteries.  Lotteries determine the order in which students pick their rooms. The Housing Committee conducts the lottery by randomly assigning numbers to groups in Vesta; everyone is welcome to observe this process in the name of transparency. There are separate lotteries for the sophomore, junior, and senior classes.

Decisions are Final. Any and all decisions made at the draw are final, and it is your responsibility to attend the draw.  If there are extenuating circumstances that require you to miss the draw, you must designate a proxy and have this person sign the form and attend the room draw in your place.  Please alert the Housing Committee of any such arrangements.

Best Behavior. The Committee reserves the right to expel from the room draw proceedings anyone who causes a disturbance or who otherwise disrupts the room draw.  The Committee will represent those expelled for the remainder of the draw.

Housing Contracts.  Anyone who participates in room draw and then decides to relinquish their housing in order to live off-campus or to take a leave of absence is subject to a fine of ¼ of the fall term room rate, as stated in the Yale College Undergraduate Regulations.


Smoking.  Smoking is forbidden in the college. If the Dean speaks to a student about smoking in the college and the problem continues, the student will be placed at the bottom of the housing draw for the following year.

Doubles are Doubles.  Should your roommate leave to study abroad or for any other reason, the Dean may fill that empty bed without prior notice according to the needs of the college.

Elastic Clause.  The Housing Committee reserves the right to modify the rules at any time if the situation warrants. In addition, suite assignments can be changed to ensure fairness and to make sure that everyone has a place to live. All decisions will be made at the discretion of the Housing Committee, the Dean, and the Head of College. All decisions are final.

You are responsible for knowing the rules and observing the schedule.