Building & Dining Team

Melissa Debies-Carl, Superintendent                                       

Melissa is responsible for supervising the cleaning and maintenance of the entire College. Her office is in Timothy Dwight, K12. She can be reached at 203-436-2194 or 475-238-9457.







Don Greenlee - Senior Custodian
Maurice Gould 
Schaneaya Jones 
Ricky Chappell
Robert Ragland

Dining Staff

Manager: John Buck
Assistant Managers: Jim Murray


Phillip Allen

Melinda Atwood
Esther Bell
Jeffrey Benjamin
Nikolia Bertsos
Andrea Cogdell
Stuart Comen
Kismet Douglass
Gabriella Flammia
Tychelle Gordino
Schymon Griffin
Dean Howard
Ashley Johnson
Lucretia Jones
Danny Lowery
Kasheem Luna
Sally Ann Notarino
Angela Parker
Walter Pearsall
Johnny Pearson
Kimberly Perrelli
Elisabeth Pretty
Desrine Rodgers
David Santana
Michelle Taylor
Melissa Toon
Rasheena Willoughby