Building & Dining Team

Facilities Personnel:

Melissa Debies-Carl, Superintendent                                       

Melissa is responsible for supervising the cleaning and maintenance of the entire College. Her office is in Timothy Dwight, K12. She can be reached at 203-436-2194.


Don Greenlee
Maurice Gould 
Schaneaya Jones 
Ricky Chappell
Robert Ragland

Dining Hall Personnel:

Maureen O’Donnell, Manager    

Assistant Manager:  William Paternoster


Esther Bell

Jeffrey Benjamin

Nikolia Bertsos

Chris Brothers

Kelly Butler

Schymon Griffin

Dwain Johnson

Jasmine McElya

Sally Ann Notarino

Kimberly Perrelli

Michelle Taylor

Lamar Bowers

Marjorie Pita

Karl Evans

James Benjamin

Cosimos Amorotti

Chrystal Fuller

Alanna Murray

Annette Pelliccia

Parish Edwards

Earl Davis

Angelica Bryant

Lucia Doyle

Marquis Dorsey