silliman treesCollege Seminars

Each of the residential colleges sponsors seminars taught by regular faculty members or by distinguished guests. College seminars carry regular course credit in Yale College. Recent Silliman College Seminars have included “Race and Gender in Policing and Criminal Justice” and “Bioenergy,” to name a few. The seminars are selected by a committee of students and Fellows of the College, acting in cooperation with the Head of College. Contact the Seminar Committee if you want to help with the interviewing and selection of seminar instructors.

Head of College’s Teas

The Head of College invites guests to the College to talk informally with students over tea at the Head of College’s house. We have welcomed prominent persons from the worlds of art, photography, sports, literature, cinema, politics and science. Our guest list has included Jerry Greenfield (of Ben & Jerry’s), Baz Luhrman, Anna Quindlen, Kishore Mahbubani, Richard Hatch (of Survivor fame), Andrew Mondshein (acclaimed film editor) Ken Auletta (New Yorker columnist), Ken Starr, The Roots, Conan O’Brian, Martina Navratilova, Kurt Vonnegut, Michael Dukakis, Madeleine L’Engle, The Indigo Girls, Chris Bohjalian, Bronson Pinchot, Rafi, and Denzel Washington.


In Silliman, dances, films, plays, contests, concerts, receptions, and teas take place throughout the year. Announcements appear in the Head of College’s emails, on posters that you will see hanging in your entryway, on our social media platforms, and emails from SAAC.


James Osborn, a former Fellow of Silliman, gave the College a magnificent set of Schulmerich handbells which offer a chromatic range of three full octaves. Anyone interested in performing in a group with these handbells should contact the Head of College’s Office. Performances by the Silliringers — who, in the words of former Head of College Brownell, “practice for minutes and minutes” before performing — is a holiday tradition.

Sustainability Education Peers (STEP)

The Sustainability Education Peers (STEP) is a student-run organization whose goal is to help Yale become a sustainable community. We aim to educate our peers about the practical components of living in a responsible and environmentally-conscious manner. We also work toward generating a campus-wide culture of sustainability wherein environmental awareness is an integral part of the Yale experience.

Tutoring in Elementary Schools (TIES)

Tutoring in Elementary Schools (TIES) is the largest community service organization at Yale. Founded in 1990 by a junior in Silliman, it has since spread to every other residential college. Silliman’s TIES volunteers may choose either to tutor a child at Celentano, the elementary school with which Silliman is affiliated, or to teach an after-school class there through the Extended Day program.