Graduate Affiliates 2022-2023

Vlad Chituc is a second year PhD student in Social Psychology studying moral judgment and decision making. He grew up in a small town in rural, upstate New York before graduating from Yale in 2012 with a B.S, in social psychology (TD ‘12, please don’t hold it against him). He spent the next five years in Durham, NC, where he grew to appreciate folk sing-a-longs, baking bread, and living a bit more slowly. Ask him about music (he’s played in a few bands and collects records), writing (especially creative nonfiction and science journalism), and his dog, Toad (Vlad will always be happy to show you photos and go on about how perfect he is).

Ellen Nye is a third-year history PhD student studying British and Ottoman economic relations. She grew up in a college town in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming where she enjoying skiing, hiking, and running. She graduated from Dartmouth College in 2014 and then earned an MPhil from the University of Cambridge. Before Yale, she spent a year in Istanbul through the Fulbright learning Turkish, working on her research, and eating as much moussaka as possible. Ask her about the Rocky Mountains, studying in the U.K., Turkey, fellowships, and anything historical! 


Zachary Silver is a PhD student in Developmental Psychology.  Zach work with Dr. Laurie Santos in the Comparative Cognition Lab where he researches how dogs and other nonhuman animals experience the social world. In his free time he enjoys running and hiking with his dog and composing the music for The Happiness Lab podcast.