The SAAC Room is available for reservation by Silliman students only. It can be used for meetings or small gatherings. Students must remove any food/trash and put all furniture back in an organized place. 

To make a reservation, go to our Make a Reservation page and fill out the appropriate form. 

Please note that if you are reserving this space for a small party you must abide by the University regulations and with CT law concerning underage drinking. The following guidelines must be followed: 

  1. Private social function must be held within the room and not spill into entryways or the courtyard. Students should bear in mind the capacity of their room when issuing invitations. Violation may be grounds for disciplinary action.
  2. Private parties may not be advertised. Written invitations, mass emails, and the like are not permitted.
  3. No admission charge or donation may be collected during the party.
  4. Out of consideration for others who may need to study or sleep, the party and attendant noise must cease promptly at 11:00 PM on weeknights and 1:00 AM on Friday and Saturday. 
  5. If alcohol is to be served, at least one of the hosts registering the party must be 21 or older. According to the law in Connecticut, serving alcoholic beverage to persons under 21 is illegal. A host must be in charge of serving any alcoholic beverage at all times, and must have in place a procedure for checking student IDs. Non-alcoholic beverages and food must be available. 
  6. If you plan on having a keg at the party you must secure permission from the Head prior to registration of the party. Unregistered kegs are subject to confiscation.  Only one keg may be tapped at a time.
  7. No drink with more than 10% alcohol by volume may be served and, furthermore, grain alcohol such as Everclear, is strictly prohibited. If punch is served, the host must post a sign listing the ingredients.
  8. Hosts assume personal and legal responsibility for the conduct and the behavior of their guests. Hosts can be held responsible for serving persons who are not of legal drinking age and for property damage.

Alcohol, Student Safety, Student Life and the Law

  • Alcohol and Student Safety: Yale College is committee to the well-being of all of its students. The irresponsible or illegal use of alcohol can threaten student health and safety in numerous ways, ranging from short-term mental impairment to long-term medical consequences. Alcohol can also lead to risky activities (e.g. DWI, unprotected sex), increased aggressiveness, and violent behavior, including sexual assault and date rape. There are numerous resources on campus that can provide immediate assistance and education about safety and alcohol awareness. Please see your LiveSafe App.
  • Alcohol and Student Life: As with any group of people who live, work and socialize together, the well-being of the Yale College community is more than just the sum of its individual members. No behavior is private when other members of the community feel its effects. Undergraduates must be mindful that the irresponsible use of alcohol can place a considerable burden on roommates, residential neighbors, and friends. The irresponsible or illegal use of alcohol can also threaten the health and safety of the community when it leads to loud or disruptive partying, vandalism or destruction of property, and other kinds of antisocial behavior.
  • Alcohol and the Law: As you know, you must be 21 years of age to purchase and or/possess alcohol. Relevant sections of CT law regarding serving alcoholic liquor to underage drinkers are included here so that you understand your obligations as a party host where alcohol will be served: a) No person having possession of, or exercising dominion and control over, any dwelling unit or private property shall (1) knowingly permit any minor to possess alcoholic liquor…or (2) knowing that any minor possesses alcoholic liquor in violation of subsection (b)…fail to make reasonable efforts to halt such possession. A minor means a person under 21 years of age. b) Any person who violates the provisions of subsection (a) of this section shall, for a first offense, have committed an infraction and, for any subsequent offense, be fined not more than five hundred dollars or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.
  • The full text of Connecticut’s “Act Concerning Underage Drinking” P.A. 06-112 is available at: